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Daily Paul House Rules and Posting Guidelines

Below are the long form posting guidelines for the Daily Paul. Please review them and add any comments below. Here is a brief summary:


  1. To keep the ideas and message of Peace, Sound Money and Liberty alive through discussion and practice.
  2. To serve as an open forum for the honest discussion of ideas and the search for truth.
  3. To share, practice and spread these ideas as far as possible in the world we live in. This site will thus remain in existence as long as there is a need for it, and as long as there are supporters willing to help keep it going.

Please note that this website is my private property. Participating here is a privilege, not a right, a difference fundamental to understanding the message of freedom. Though this site does not officially represent Dr. Paul, all here shall strive to follow the gentlemanly example he sets.


  1. No profane, disrespectful or divisive language
  2. Spell check and grammar check your work before posting, and refrain from excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS
  3. Do not post the ENTIRE text of articles from other sites. This is copyright infringement, and could get you, me, and this site in trouble. (In fact, it already has!) Feel free to post a short intro, and then a link to the original article. Understanding fair use would be wise, also.
  4. Do not post racist, sexist, pornographic or otherwise obscene materials
  5. Do not engage in flame wars, personal attacks on other members, incite or encourage violence, post spam or advertisements.
  6. Do not bump your own thread to keep it on the front page, or post the same non-related comment on multiple threads to promote your website or event
  7. No Assholes
  8. If you have an idea, then you do it, not Michael Nystrom, not Ron Paul. You. Learn how and do it.
  9. Any powers not herein delegated are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.

"Failure to follow these rules can result in banishment from the community."


LONG FORM Posting Guidelines

I set up this website/blog/forum in January 2007 as a place for Ron Paul supporters to communicate with each other during Ron Paul's 2008 presidential bid. That election ended, but the passionate community of supporters who believe in freedom, liberty, peace, and justice remained as strong as ever. No other candidate has as loyal and passionate a following as Dr. Paul has developed.

The ongoing purpose of this site has therefore become 1) to keep the ideas and message espoused by Dr. Paul alive, 2) to serve as an open forum for the honest discussion of ideas and the search for truth, and 3) to share, practice and spread these ideas as far and wide as possible in the world we live in. This site will thus remain in existence as long as there is a need for it, and as long as there are supporters willing to help keep it going.

This website is my private property. Participating here is a privilege, not a right. Understanding the difference between these concepts is fundamental to understanding the message of freedom and liberty.

The Daily Paul welcomes freedom lovers and students of Liberty everywhere! Anyone is initially granted the privilege (but not the right) to read and post to this site.

In order to post to this site, first you must become a member. All comers are welcome! Members must abide by a few simple rules:

1) Even though this site is not in any official way affiliated with Dr. Paul or any of his multiple organizations, by participating in this site you are still representing Dr. Paul in the eyes of the public.

Dr. Paul is a compassionate, humble, honest, fair and kindhearted human. Follow Dr. Paul’s lead. For a short introduction to what Dr. Paul is like, read this little article. This site is a place to practice creating the kind of world you want live in with your words. On this site, please don’t use profanity or other disrespectful or divisive language.

2) ALWAYS spell check and grammar check your work before posting. The new Firefox has a built in spell checker. Misspelled words get a red underline, and if you right click on them, you get some options from a built-in dictionary.

3) Do not post the text of entire articles from other sites. This is copyright infringement, and could get you, me, and this site into legal hot water! (In fact, it already has!) Feel free to post a brief commentary, and then a link to the original article.

YouTube videos and images cannot be embedded in the forum for copyright and security reasons. Feel free to link to them. Just copy and paste the address, and it will turn into a link automatically.

We are here to support each other, to help each other grow, examine our assumptions, and be more powerful advocates for Liberty in the outside world. We want to be welcoming to new comers to the site. Be the change you want to see in the world. In your world, it all begins with you.

In order for this website to continue functioning, members must agree to play by the rules and respect the community. Anyone who does not respect the community or the guidelines above is not welcome here. Any of the following are grounds to have your post/comment deleted without notice.

Engaging in flame wars or personal attacks on other members, racist or sexist remarks, posting obscene materials, inciting or encouraging violent or illegal acts, posting spam, bumping your own thread to keep it on the front page, posting the same non-related comment on multiple threads to promote your website or event (This is considered spam. The forums are a place for discussion, not advertising), blatant advertising and/or EXCESSIVE USE OF CAPITAL LETTERS is prohibited. If you cannot consistently spell or check your grammar, you may also be banned.

Repeated offenses will result in the termination of your account. As I stated at the beginning, participation in this site is a privilege, not a right. Ultimately, anything that I, as owner and Executive of the Daily Paul, decide reflects poorly on Dr. Paul and/or sullies the good and peaceful name of Ron Paul, the Daily Paul or said supporters is not welcome here. At the end of the day, the Daily Paul is my house. I set it up to honor, respect and promote Ron Paul and the principles of freedom and Liberty. Play fair and you're welcome to stay. Abuse what is offered and you will be banished.

Thank you for your understanding and welcome aboard a magical journey!

Michael Nystrom
Founder & Editor

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If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal-conservatives want Paul, libertarians want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted-democrats want Paul; Ron Paul is the best choice to beat the incumbent.

Forum down?

Are forum submissions down? I'm getting a 504 error when trying to save.

504 Gateway Time-out
The server didn't respond in time.

UPDATE: If you're getting 504 errors when attemping to submit a post, it may be getting caught in the spam filter. I realized this after half a dozen tries =O


If moderates want anyone but Obama, fiscal-conservatives want Paul, libertarians want Paul, independents want Paul, and disenchanted-democrats want Paul; Ron Paul is the best choice to beat the incumbent.

How do you post?

just wondering

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Just a heads up MrMike -

The spam filter takes a while to get used to new users. It will likely grab many of your posts for about a week.

It will let up after a while. Until then, we check the spam filter fairly often, and we try to sort them out and free up what is not spam. Unfortunately, today because of the work on site performance, we are having issues getting into the spam filter to free up posts. No idea how long it will be.

Occasionally some will not get published if there are numerous threads of almost identical topics in order to keep the double posts down.

I (at least me personally anyway) try to bump those found in the spam filter once they are freed to get them back on the active topics list so they have a chance to circulate, but it is often too time consuming commenting a bump on each one if there are many threads caught, at which point it is up to luck of someone finding and bumping it by commenting on it after it has been freed and published.

Under your name shown

on the right there is a list. Click on "create content". From there you'll choose where you want to put your post, and go ahead and type. It really is easy.

Welcome to DP!

Many Thanks

I Thank you for posting the rules about good behavior on this site. The only way Dr. Paul's message can be spread is through charity, respect and a respectful following of the laws. Thank you for outlining these guidelines and I shall follow them the best way that I can.

I'm a Professor, my name is Wall

That the rules were placed

That the rules were placed front and center today I'll take as a hint, intended or not, that it is time to clean up a bit, in light of the last week's news cycle. I am certainly guilty at times of gutter sniping. Duly noted with all regrets.

Me, too

I get out of line sometimes.

New here will post soon from Vienna, Austria

I'm new here, heard about the site from a Youtube video. I lived through hyper inflation in Belgrade about two decades ago and do a video about Austrian School of Economics next week from Austria and post it here (if I'm permitted) and share my stories from my past about the tyranny, bad economics and other things I lived through.

In any case, great site and great community and I look forward to promote liberty!

Go Dr. Paul.

Dan Stojadinovic

Slobodan = Freedom (in Serbian)
I support Ron Paul and all other's who love Liberty. I got to see how the "Peoples Bank" which is the Belgrade version of the fed printed the money into Hyper Inflation (I was a trillionair many times over). VOTE RON PAUL

some holiday political fun

Ever want to help someone measure their ability to perceive freedom. Perhaps a self check? Go to www.freedomUniversity.org and take the test. While you are there, check out the videos. Its a well done site, entertaining and educational.

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

Hey Michael...

Thanks for all you do and hope this is the best Christmas you've had so far...

I would like to ask for a little leeway on item #6. Often a post falls off the front page rather quickly, especially if there is something going on in the news. Once it is off the front page it is pretty much history... Is it possible to change that to "excessive bumping"?


Thank You Michael..'nuff said!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I'm sorry but this is ridciulous....PROPER GRAMMAR..????

I didnt know this was the occupy wall st site where censorship is the key, this forum is about more than Dr. Paul it's about Liberty and dialogue and community.

Rules are you post get ready for a post back that is all

Let me explain

Many people who are not members read the posts we submit. Beyond that, a lot of those people are not necessarily Ron Paul supporters. If bad grammar turns members off (as noted in the negative votes you recieved), imagine how much more turned off to Dr. Paul those visitors will become. Besides, it just adds more fuel to MSM's assertion that we supporters are a bunch of kooky, tin foil hat wearing weirdos.

I'm sure the rule does not imply common phrases like "aint gonna go there" could not be used. We often get a needed chuckle out of those kind of remarks. But, the better we write, the better the perceptions.

As far as, "Rules are you post get ready for a post back that is all", please keep in mind that we do not own this site. It's the owner's call, not ours. Be happy this site is made available for us to use.

That doesnt matter to me,

That doesnt matter to me, thats collectivism I could care less, about forced compliance

A lot of posts that are

A lot of posts that are poorly written confuse the readers leading to misunderstanding the point being made.


Just created an account so I've a learning curve how to post revelant topics.

After years of agreeing with RP on certain points, I could never rationalize how all of his ideas could work out. I've been very vocal about the negative effect of the Federal Reserve and the War on Drugs for years but never came to grips with the errors of our foreign policy. Looking back I see that common sense forced me to recognize the corrupted goals of the Fed and the drug war but could never look at our foreign policy with the same clarity. It takes a lot of effort to reprogram oneself from years of indoctrination of our foreign policy. The blinders are off.

I want to thank Ron Paul for his steadfastness. To work in such a corrupted enviroment for so long and not succomb to temptation is inspirational. This expaines why his supporters will never abandon him. It really isn't Ron Paul's ideas, honsety or intent that captivates us. It is merely his example of how one should live that pulls us closer to our own humanity. We become a better person once we grasp what he stands for and there is no greater measure of what defines a great leader. It is an honor to support Ron Paul

Now I really didn't intend on writing that. It must've been one of those Paulbot cyber attacks!

My real idea was to explore the idea of how this fear mongering about Iran could be Plan C, of Plan H, of the establishment trying to detrail and ostracize RP from gaining support. The topic of Iran getting a nuclear weapon has suddenly become center stage in the debate at alraming speed. The media has lost alot of credibility of trying to blackout RP which only has caused more people to do their own research on his behalf. Once people look for themsevles at his honesty, predictions, voting record etc, its near impossible to sit back and come up with justifications why he shouldn't be taken as a serious candidate. The Iran issue is now the justification the media is using to counter RP gaining support.

"Rush Limbomb" must happen immediately

Whether we like it or not Rush still holds the informational keys to the Republican kingdom. Unfortunately for us he refuses to even say "Ron Paul" on the air. He and his call screener keep a strict RP blackout in effect at all times. If someone makes it through they simply say "RP is a nut" and cut off the caller. The time has come for us to move against the disinformation of Rush. We must flood his show with callers that can explain why RP is the only conservative left in the race. Remember, you must be creative to get on the air and the info must be quick and powerful. His audience needs to know that RP is the only candidate that ...

Has proposed real spending cuts (1 trillion)

Receives ten times as much money from active duty military as Romney and Newt

Comprehensive support of 2nd amendment (even wants to remove all previous gun grab legislation)

100% pro life
Abolish income tax
Abolish all for

Limbaugh deserves no special attention

He should be ignored as often as possible.

Here here.

Here here.

"Alas! I believe in the virtue of birds. And it only takes a feather for me to die laughing."


Sorry, and I really mean this tongue and cheek but didn't you just break rule #1 when you applied rule #7. I take offense sir, just kidding. I'm a bit sarcastic. Love the site!


Welcome new member ... have you donated to the money bomb?


This is not a game, read the quidelines!


There appears to be incessant tag team bumping mixed with belligerent attacks against members of this forum taking place, this has been an amazing week for this campaign and there is still a very crucial ongoing money bomb taking place so please show some respect and keep your eye on the prize.

Live Free or Die

No you cant take my country from me, not in the land of the brave and the free. Underestimate the peoples pride, we got the right to Live Free Or Die.

Stand guard againts the ones that pretend, say their a patriot american. Free men stand together for peace, yes tyrannies the devils beast. Resist much and always ask why, we the people Live Free or Die.

No you cant take my country from me, you may try but you wont succeed. Better listen to what we say, you'll live your future in a traitors grave. Lets hear that american cry, one for all Live Free or Die.

The New Hampshire Madmen are in full support of Ron Paul 2012 9thstatemadmen.com

Why Ron Paul is doing so well

The main reason is:
he is having to run as a memeber of one of the two major parties. Which is apparantly what we libertarians have to do to be able to get exposure by the "main stream" media.

Also, in speaking with my friends and family, they state that Ron Paul is the one honest person in the debates. He is one person they have trust in and feel he is the only one with integrity. His views don't change and his beliefs are constant.

Now is that refreshing???? Go Ron Paul. Welcome to Prime Time.


I seem to be blocked.

Perhaps It's time to pull a Ross Perot! What do I mean?

Perhaps somehow Ron and maybe Rand Paul can put together 1-3 TV infomercials lasting 15-30 minutes explaining in elementary terms the essence of our nations debt problem.

Begin with discerned understanding of what happens around the country when a family faces personal financial crisis and has to reign in its expenses. Prioritizing certain expenses that MUST be paid: First, Second, Third, Fourth,...etc

---And making the hard decisions of what to cut--IE: Cable TV, No more eating out at bistros, choosing discount stores more often...etc Take on a 2nd job to help pay off certain credit cards and then chop them up--come up with free or inexpensive types of 'family time' activities that fill the voids of our present lifestyles.

-Come across as someone who knows and understands peoples dilemas.
-Explain that Congress also must get it's own house in order.
-Explain that no bank lends money to someone that has 10 maxed out credit cards just so that the Lendee can pay only the interest on eacg of the cards.

Speak to the American Mind and explain that no sane person thinks they can borrow their way out of bankruptcy.

Then speak to the American Spirit...sharing that the following Infomercial will discuss a Plan that will require Adult choices and backbone.

Compare Congress to out of control Teenagers who constantly max out their credit cards and then manipulate/demand their parents and grandparents to 'give' them more money...otherwise, they won't be able to make IMPORTANT Calls with their Cell Phones...if they don't get the Free Money (Print)...it will be the Parents fault because they are uncaring etc.

I think you all kind of get where I'm coming from.

There are many of you who probably have even better ideas on how and what to discuss in a TV infomercial with Charts and Graphs.

This approach was very beneficial to Ross Perot when he ran for prez as an Independent...yea i know he didn't win...but he lost because he imploded in other areas of his life...the infomercials actually propelled him forward and he became a very serious contender.

Go Ron Paul.

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why post this here?


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Because Ross Perot

I'm guessing because Perot was a 3rd party candidate it becomes relevant. But in that case, let's consider Perot.

How helpful was his campaign for the cause of fiscal conservatism? Not at all.

Let us learn from that lesson that we really need the Republican nomination.