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He just bumped his thread again, I hope you get on this asap

Please let us know one way or the other what you plan to do about this.

I think the anonymous post out today and any like it should be

taken down, this is a federal crime to participate in this, we do not need to encourage this in any way shape or form. Just by having the links up here is supporting it. Do we really want to send people into these sites supporting this?


I was on the front page and then it disappeared. I think it happened because i edited it three times. But my message was really resonating so please help me

sharkhearted's picture

Re-post it bro in a new forum.

Not sure what happened but I am getting pissed off every time I try to post on your forum I keep getting "access denied."

Probably some glitch in the spam filter or whatever....but still I hear ya.

Maybe re-post your message with a NEW title and a new post?

sharkhearted at gmail

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

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no, please don't repost

it's back. Mentioning this here was the right thing to do.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Can not post, keeps getting caught in the spam filter!

Could you please release my posts to I can share my ideas with the rest of the Ron Paul community? Thanks!


In regards to post

This post was labeled Unpublished - It has been an incredible joy for me to find The Daily Paul

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yes, that's because you've posted it 3 times.


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Thank-you sincerely!!

I posted it under different categories believing that is how it was supposed to be done..thank you sincerely for your quick response. Will not happen again!! New member within 24hrs

Please free me from the filter

An alternative to the MSM Machine
Ron Paul friendly news:

can't post...keeps getting caught by the spam filter I guess

goes to a white screen with the following error:

504 Gateway Time-out

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Thank you for such a prompt response to whoever took care of the problem... :)

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

posting taken down

I posted about a rally i attended that Santorum held. It has been unpublished. not sure if it because i edited but i grilled him on not fully qualifying or making the ballots in several states and his big govt policies.

I burned him hard and am requesting the post to be published as in the post i am requesting response to the news station for the video clip as the camera was locked onto me from behind his right shoulder.

Its made the local news already (5pm showing) in WPB. Lets get that post up and try to get that video clip and get it distributed.

BaseBall Cards - Unpublished

I'm a new user... and tried to post about making Ron Paul baseball cards. I just want to know why my post is showing as unpublished. I kept getting a weird response (like 504 something or other) every time I tried to save it.


Please free me from the filter

Why does this happen to all my posts?

An alternative to the MSM Machine
Ron Paul friendly news:

Please publish my post

Please publish my post

Please free me from the filter

This is important info direct from the campaign

An alternative to the MSM Machine
Ron Paul friendly news:

Please approve my post!

Please approve the post I just submitted re: starting a grassroots persuasion campaign modeled on how we pitched Nassim Taleb.

wont publish

can't publish

hi mods,

I tried publishing this ( but I get a gateway timeout error everytime. It does show up under my account as unpublished. Is this the spamfilter, or my crappy internet?

update.. can't post replies

update.. can't post replies either..

PLEASE READ and consider...

I have an idea for a "fixed application" on the Daily Paul that might be beneficial to the organization of our efforts! I have not seen a "delegate counter" anywhere on the webs. I am not suggesting a typical counter with the name of the candidate and the number of delegates they already have. I am suggesting that we compile the necessary data of all of the delegates for all states so we can have a "formulaic delegate tracking system" that shows exactly what we need. This will not only help us with focusing on what states need to be targeted, but also will give us a very accurate idea of what the final outcome will be.

Thanks for your consideration!

Gross pictures

PLEASE do not post gross photos on the daily paul, it lowers the
caliber of the this website and is very offensive.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

and the reason would be?

Why did you delete my post? Is this not a perfect example regarding the lack of integrity regarding the MODS of this site?

Love Has No Opposite!

upcoming state primaries need dedicated forums, front page link

Hi from NH here, I got my town to vote Dr. Paul. It would be awesome for people to be able to see a link up top pertaining to thier state, and a whole forum for each state as well. It could have a chip in, SB for that state, meetups, and a moderator who is active in that state as well. See my other posts about this subject. Anything we can do to coordinate efforts would be EXTREMELY helpful. Right now very good posts pertaining to state primaries and caucuses are getting burried and forgotten. Front page exposure!

free state project member

Post was unpublished

I just joined and posted about a very prominent endorsement we received this morning. Could you please publish my post?

Thank you!

new poster needing some help


I posted a new thread to recruit Oklahoma county coordinators for the nationa ron paul campaign but the server kept timing out. Eventually I looked at my recent posts and found three copies but they are unpublished.

I tried to delete two of the copies but again the server timed out.

Can you fix this? I really need to get the word out.



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One possibility

The spam filter might have took it down, OR because the email address you wrote is a non-public 'internal' email address from the campaign, it could have been unpublished by someone.

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