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sorry 'bout that.

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Just an interesting little Tidbit?

In this thread I tryed twice to put SOPA and PIPA in caps into my headline Title and it would not let me! lol. Makes me look even dummer than I already am.lol.

Here is the thread:


Just wanted to share that tidbit,thank you.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

The site is working like lightning today!!

Fabulous.... except...
I notice that it has reversed the order of responses to posts. Now the most recent are at the bottom and the oldest are at the top. Is this what you wanted????

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

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not quite

it's sorted by votes locally.

It's a trial run (see). It may be reversed shortly. (now is)

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

That was fast!

Thanks for the quick embed and subject title change. (Personhood USA Forum)

Man, not only are you guys good but you are quick, too.

Edit: would it be possible to add the air date to the Personhood Forum post title? Date was January 18, 2012.

post unpublished

I just wrote my first post to the Daily Paul and it is listed as unpublished. I don't know if I submitted it wrong or not. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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The spam filter takes a while to get used to new users. It will let up after a while. Until then, we check the spam filter fairly often, and we try to sort them out and free up what is not spam.

Occasionally some will not get published if there are numerous threads of almost identical topics in order to keep the double posts down.

I (at least me personally anyway) try to bump those found in the spam filter once they are freed to get them back on the active topics list so they have a chance to circulate, but it is often too time consuming commenting a bump on each one if there are many threads caught, at which point it is up to luck of someone finding and bumping it by commenting on it after it has been freed and published.

post unpublished

Hi there! I'm trying to share compelling arguments for Ron Paul with fellow supporters, and the spam filter told me it was a no-go.

Could you give me a hand? The social media search engine tool I'm using could be a game-changer for the Paul campaign, and the sooner it gets into the hands of his supporters, the better.

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I want to know why this thread was moved to Off Topic?


If posts regarding the Super Brochure are front page material I don't see how a thread with facts about the project are considered Off Topic.

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This should pretty much explain it:


Are you a moderator?


While that thread might explain it, it certainly doesn't motivate why it's legitimate, to censor facts about the Super Brochure project...

Scrub this thread?


Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.

Unpublished Post

Could a mod be so kind as to take a look at a pending/unpublished post of mine?


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i have a question

is the modbox like a place where the mods live online?
please let me explain what i mean,if indeed i need to
in a chatroom mods/ops are present,and as a present entity
oversee the room and act accordingly is this how dp works?
like a chatroom?
i ask for a reason,there are some posts that do not need to go anywhere,but do, and only insite(insight)idk these should be stopped,are ops in real time?
thank you

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

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never mind

i have my answer

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence

PAUL and Romney tied with OBAMA in NEW CNN Poll!

Get this out there! "Unelectable" and "Dangerous"!!

How much longer can the media keep these tags on Paul up HAHA it's getting pretty hilarious!


I know it would maybe be cumbersome

but wouldn't it behoove us to have a "state button" to push for all active forum topics for each caucus/primary state? You could have an additional sort like "SC Primary" or "Nevada News" etc etc that folks could choose before posting. It would really be helpful to gather all info in one spot per state...

I posted what I thought would be an inspiring SC sign wave (considering past support here) and it is pretty much being ignored. DP does not get a whole lot of "supporter-on-the-ground" video from SC and I have lots on this post:

South Carolina Surge: Ron Paul Sign Wave - Spartanburg, SC 01/14/12 and more!

It would be helpful if this SC info could get spread around - we only have a few more days until the primary.

If you had a "state button", those particularly interested would have all the state ground reports/and other info organized.


Freedom is not: doing everything you want to.
Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
~ Joyce Meyer

High-profile event in South Carolina - front page consideration


NBC's Tom Brokaw is coming to the debate party tonight in Greenville, SC, where Ron Paul supporters are staging a big sign wave and debate party afterward:


Could you consider this thread for front-page post, due to short-notice and high-profile nature of the event? We need a big crowd here.

Mods I got my Official

I got my Official Boycott of LameStream Media Corporate Sponsors going UNpublished again.

In fact, I'd like to know if I should discuss this with someone at DP or should I take my boycott elsewhere?

If not, please release me, let me go.

Be Your Own Media!!!

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I can't even find the thread now. It looks as though it may have been deleted.

I personally, don't see any reason it would have been, we usually only unpublish unacceptable threads, we generally don't "delete" them, and I'm thinking it may have gotten caught a second time in the spam filter (which they will, if you edit, or revise your threads after we free them as a new user) and may have been unintentionally deleted with various spam threads.

It's all I can think of. I vaguely remember the thread. I don't see any mod deleting that for any reason. We have had a few boycott threads on here at times.

When we go through all the spam caught threads, there are often so many, that it can at times become confusing keeping track of our own administration activities. You're talking 10 tabs open with multiple comments unpublished on each, some duplicated on the next tab when people make a few attempts not understanding why it didn't post, numerous topics, etc.. Then a residual time delay in waiting for each of the corrections to post, going back to the list to see what's left... da da da...

If you could see how it's done (trying to finish in a timely manner on occasion because of the occasional multitude of them getting caught at the same time), you would understand.

The higher RP goes, the tougher it is becoming. The more is in the filter.

Sorry if that was what happened.

All I can suggest is post it again, With the thread gone, I can't even check any revisions to give you an answer as to what any reason may have been.

UNpublished Again - Official Boycott of Lamestream Media

OK, I talked to an administrator and he sent me the link that he found cached, didn't know why it got deleted or caught in filter or something, but I simply took cache, and copy and pasted it, and then updated to where I had left off. I just updated some notes and added "CNN" and "CBS" hit SAVE, and then now it comes up UNpublished again. Now...I didn't have this problem on the first "redo" as I got 4 thumbs up and several comments. So only after I updated it, hit send did it go UNpublished. (Official Boycott of Lamestream Media Corporate Sponsors is the thread)

I replied back to the Admin that sent me the cache link and let him know as well, thinking responding here might help, but I'm not so sure.

Anyways, I would appreciate some help in making this stick. I'd like to have it go viral. But is this just me?

Be Your Own Media!!!

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It's going to keep happening until the spam filter

is satisfied your new account is not spam. Please, Be patient.

There is nothing we can do to override that.

The spam filter takes a while to get used to new users. It will let up after a while. Until then, we check the spam filter fairly often, and we try to sort them out and free up what is not spam.

It will also re-snag your thread for a while if you edit it.

I try to check and clear the spam filter a few times daily. I will release it when I find it for now.

OK thanks. I won't edit it

OK thanks.

I won't edit it then.

I'll add them notes down below in reply or add comment, and then at the appropriate moment, when you give me freedom of speech, I will in turn copy and paste it back in, all while I gather names of more sponsors and kick off this effective boycott that IS going to happen.

Who is with me?

Who will spread the boycott message long and far for me?

Can I count on you?

Who will get behind the pundits in their Circus Sideshow and hold up signs that call for the boycott of "XYZ" sponsors?

Time them well, and the message will be spread on their very networks.

And then spread those clips around the horn for others to see.

Be Your Own Media!!!

chat window issues

The site works great on my kindle fire except for the chat window - any chance someone could take a look at enhancing it to work on the kindle fire tablet please?

Thanks in advance.

First Comment went UNpublished

Dear Mods of Daily Paul

I posted a first post under new content / Ron Paul 2012 and it was under Official Boycott of Lamestream Media Corporate Sponsors.

This is something I am trying to do, info is there to explain why.

I dont' know if went unpublished unless I screwed up, or perhaps it is from my first post? To ensure I am not a spammer or worse?

But I want my post to go Published, and I could use some help and feedback! Maybe set up a completely different website?

These are just ideas.....can you help a brother out?

Be Your Own Media!!!

bigmikedude's picture

I freed it for you a while ago

Just didn't have time to bump it.

I'll give it a bump for you.

Non Freed Again

Hey Mon,

Thanks for UNfreeing me.

I am new to DP, and am doing a grassrootes campaign to boycott the medias corporate sponsors and had a work in progres going for my first blog post.

It got taken down by the looks of it, after you freed it.

I sent an email to DP (contact) and simply asked for an explanation.

I'd like to know if I should take my support for Ron Paul elsewhere? Not sure where the post went.

Do you know? Any explanation?

I was planning on adding to it.

I had jotted down some FOX sponsors during the debate and went to update and it wasn't there, meaning the entire post.

There is a reason I plan on organizing an effective boycott.

Anyways, let me know if you can please, thanks.


Be Your Own Media!!!

Romney Ad click-a-thon

I had the idea that we should get sas much money from Romney as possible. His ads litter Daily Paul and I say we should click on them as much as we can to dilute their influence.

Some MOD decided in their supreme authority that the entire thread should be eliminated.

Are you bent over a table, with AdSense behind you, fumbling with its zipper???


Those willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.

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yeah, that was a bad idea


Though, thanks for the SUPREME AUTHORITY chuckle.

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