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  1. 28 shocking pictures that prove the Illuminati is all around us

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  1. New study exposes the uncomfortable truth about spanking
  2. Jesus' message has been lost
  3. I am considering my first same sex relationship with this man.
  4. 28 shocking pictures that prove the Illuminati is all around us
  5. Fracking Lawyer to Judge: 'You can't let this suit go forward. It will expose all of the crimes the industry has committed.'
  6. They're not even bothering to hide the chemtrails/ geoengineering any longer.
  7. Oops! Reporter on scene of tanker accident parrots HAZMAT workers and leaks truth about 'radioactive' frack water spill!
  8. The Brainwashing of my Dad
  9. Apollo 18!
  10. Bundy Ranch Conspiracy Debunked?
  11. God's Grace - Happy Easter

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  1. Rand Paul Gets In Bed With The Military Industrial Complex
  2. "Vladimir Putin is one of the greatest leaders of our time."
  3. Is Rand Paul taking us for granted in shifting closer to the Neo-Con Right?
  4. CONFIRMED: Rand Paul to tap Jesse Benton as 2016 Campaign Manager
  5. UPDATED:This Is Accurate And Now 100 Percent Confirmed: Hijacked Ibm Engineer Successfully Dialed Out Of Diego Garcia
  6. In “Noah”, The Fallen Angels Are The Good Guys
  7. DrudgeReport shows true colors
  8. Rand is trying to reach $150,000 ticker is at $81,000 can we help?
  9. Russia's Most Notorious Punk Rock Group, 'Pussy Riot,' Members Relocated To Siberian Prison Camp
  10. Has Bitcoin Jumped The Shark?
  11. Can Rand Paul get out of his own way?
  12. Bitcoin to SOAR in April (10000000000000 66600000000000001)
  13. Why I don't Embrace "Illuminati" Conspiracy Theories
  14. I Can’t Finish House of Cards (and Should’ve Stopped Breaking Bad)
  15. In Defense of Conspiracy Theorists
  16. Evidence for a Creation Model of Origins
  17. May I have a word with Anarchists: Govt can not monopolize force
  18. If Justin Amash ran for presidency would enough of you posers be republican delegates for him?
  19. Listen to the Music - The Allison Bricker Show
  20. The Landscape-Scarring, Energy-Sucking, Wildlife-Killing Reality of Pot Farming
  21. We have all been enslaved by tyranny since 1215 by Magna Carta
  22. Vote Third Party - Vote For Change! Make your vote count.
  23. Mob Justice: Kharkov Russians Withhold Revenge
  24. Alaska to return to Native Russia?
  25. Bitcoin IS The Shark.. J/K. It's A f#$%ing Honey Badger. ( Or: Why Bitcoin Has Value! )