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  1. Americans Now Wish They'd Elected Mitt Romney Instead of Obama
  2. Rachel Maddow: Rand Paul Lies about His Stance on the Civil Rights Act plus Maddow's Bogus-Cocktail a la Rand Paul!
  3. If You Take Away Religion You Can't Hire Enough Police.
  4. Free Money $ For A-L-L Dp'lers! (Including Nystrom) 310 Million Lawsuit-Deadline To File AUG. 1st!
  5. ISIS Orders Genital Mutilation of Women and Girls in Mosul, Iraq
  6. Myths About Corn
  7. Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide, Blames Netanyahu
  8. In Germany sex with animals as 'lifestyle choice'

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  1. "If Atheists Acted Religious"
  2. So what is Israel supposed to do?
  3. Liz Cheney would eat Rand Paul for Lunch
  4. AnCap Foolery on Immigration
  5. Major New Study Finds Kids Raised By Same-Sex Couples Are ‘Healthier And Happier’
  6. Where is Rand's Op-Ed for the 6 unarmed Palestinian children killed by Israel so far this year?
  7. Factions Fight Club
  8. What would "securing the border" look like?
  9. Like Father, Not Like Son. Sen Paul Amplifies Pro-Israel Message (Fox Article)
  10. Politics Aside, Is Rand Paul Qualified To Be President?
  11. Why is crime skyrocketing in Denver with legal pot?
  12. Rand Paul Honors 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act
  13. The Scariest Thing You Will Ever Hear
  14. Greg Gutfeld: Rand Paul is a 'child' on foreign policy
  15. Why Are Church Groups Supporting Amnesty and Illegal Immigration
  16. Special Olympics Volunteer Pole Vaults Over Vintage Volkswagen Bus With Giant Inflatable Whale Penis! Now Upvote Me!
  17. TYT: Ron Paul Fears Immigrants Get Treated When Sick Or Injured
  18. We, The People Are Violent And Filled With Rage: A Nation Spinning Apart On Its Independence Day
  19. Why Are Armed "International Security" Personnel Now Arresting American Citizens?
  20. Will we eventually become an Hispanic country?
  21. Anarchast Ep. 130 Roger Ver: Don't Mess With The Bitcoin Jesus
  22. Treasonous Evil Refugee Leaker Snowden seeks to extend stay in Russia
  23. White House Call Girl
  24. Libertarians Are The New Communists
  25. When Beliefs and Facts Collide