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  1. Ebola Vaccinations have started
  2. Mormons ask us to quit calling them "magic underwear" (edited)
  3. This Ferguson Missouri disaster...Are these people that blind/Uninformed/Ignorant etc.?

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  1. Ebola Denial
  2. How Many People Here Have Recently Started To Love Christ
  3. Bill O'Reilly: 'I think Mitt Romney's gonna be the 2016 GOP nominee'; Coulter: 'I hope so!'
  4. Sodom ~ New Film Exposes the Lies of Organized LGBT 'Acceptance' (English w/ Russian subtitles)
  5. Homosexuality and the Bible
  6. What Really Happened In Vietnam
  7. World War 3: Putin Threatens West with Nuclear Warheads
  8. Question about the big bang and the age of the universe.
  9. Tv and Movies fries and rots your brain cells
  10. If You Could Force The World To Do One Thing?
  11. Government or Open borders, which would you prefer?
  12. Can an Attorney file an actual 'CLAIM' against another 'man' for violation of a statute, or are they filing 'COMPLAINTS'?
  13. Is Ebola going to wipe out most of our population?
  14. Could The Owner Of This Website Contact Me About This Post
  15. Time for Some Ebola Humor

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  1. The Problem With Rand Paul
  2. So now we're the Daily Jesus?
  3. Reclusive Deity Hasn't Written A New Book In 2,000 Years
  4. Why The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams
  5. The Block/Wenzel Debate on Rand just blew up
  6. Beheading in OKLAHOMA
  7. Eric Holder Takes Job With JPMorgan (while still Attorney General) Can you say...
  8. Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?
  9. Look what i found on for sale at amazon...
  10. "Clinton, Paul both affiliated with Zionists" - Scott Rickard
  11. Chemtrails gone wild
  12. (Some) of Rand Paul's Fans Hate his ISIS plan
  13. Best music since Pink Floyd
  14. George Clooney gets married!
  15. The Not So Lofty Origins of the Pro Life Movement
  16. SarahPalinChannel.com
  17. What the Liberty Movement needs is it's own Ron Paul National Bank!
  18. If I was God for a day - or even an hour...
  19. My favorite song - Metallica - One
  20. Governor beheads man in GA prison
  21. Love never lost any wars!
  22. Saving Face is our Saving Grace
  23. Christian vs. Muslim
  24. Senate Race in Kansas
  25. CIA warned Bush administration of impending attack (for the 9/11 truthers)