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  1. So, anybody here still standing with Rand?
  2. Politico: Ron Paul Supporters Bolt Rand Paul Camp
  3. Penn and Teller - The bible is not true.
  4. So Long, Ron Paul
  5. Setting the Record Straight on Abortion
  6. Salon: Rand Paul’s spectacular crash: How a man of principle turned into a generic politician
  7. Jesus Nazareth
  8. Over population, Over consumption - in Pictures
  9. "Why Real Libertarians Hate Rand Paul"
  10. Reason: Rand Paul goes hawkish, becomes less interesting
  11. Why did God have to put Jesus through such misery to make His point? Is (the God of Abraham) a sadist of sorts?
  12. No more traffic deaths. The future of transportation.
  13. Alex Jones: "Ted Cruz is strong! Ted Cruz is strong, folks!"
  14. News: Rand Paul Will Not Seek The Office Of Potus In 2016
  15. Got to be a HOAX! Joan Rivers Alive!? Just like NewTown and HalBig... One big Hoax and so it goes
  16. Hot mic catches Rand Paul saying he’d make his father VP if nominated
  17. The "Science Babe" and Marc Clair discuss GMO's, Monsanto, and mandatory vaccines on the Lions of Liberty Podcast.
  18. The Complete History Of The 'House Of Rothschild'
  19. Dick Cheney arrested by the Russians!
  20. .
  21. Putin's Executive Order 136 of March 16th, 2015
  22. Rand Paul: Gay Marriage a 'Moral Crisis' - Video
  23. 21 Year Old Trooper Killed on First Solo Day
  24. Ted Cruz Recruits Some Rand Paul Supporters in Iowa
  25. Not another abortion debate! Thus I weigh in on the issue.

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