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  1. I Think Jesse Ventura Will Bow Out And Give The Election to Rand
  2. Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue
  3. What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like
  4. Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. Here’s why he probably won’t go to jail

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  1. This doesn't happen to white people
  2. They're all liars - every last one of them!
  3. America and Biblical Prophecy- This is going to blow your mind
  4. Weekend Watching...For The Brave.
  5. Nystrom's Dilemma
  6. Daily Paul Limits Fundraising to 129% of $15,000 Goal
  7. Individual liberty and the constitution cannot coexist.
  8. Now that's what I call a Liberating Christian Video...
  9. I Think Jesse Ventura Will Bow Out And Give The Election to Rand
  10. What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like
  11. Fake picture on Foley beheading
  12. Evil is just about being removed from this planet

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  1. Im sorry, but my heart is pulling me to support bombing ISIS
  2. "Now I know the establishment is behind Rand Paul."
  3. Jon Stewart on Rand Paul Israel support flip-flop: Son nothing like dad
  4. Barf bag please: Rand to tout George H.W. foreign policy in fall speech
  5. Unsolicited spam chat invites
  6. UPDATE. Help! I Think I Have Ebola!
  7. Free Money $ For A-L-L Dp'lers! (Including Nystrom) 310 Million Lawsuit-Deadline To File AUG. 1st!
  8. Salon: Rand Paul’s chronic inconsistency: Where does this guy really stand on anything?
  9. Obama Got Rid Of The American Flag - Replaced It With Curtain
  10. America: The New World Order (The Coming Event 2016)
  11. The BIG question about Rand Paul is
  12. Want to stay with us in Chile?
  13. Rand Paul Can Run, But He Can’t Hide From Latino Voters in 2016
  14. Limbaugh: Robin Williams' apparent suicide was because of his "political leftist" mindset.
  15. Best indictment of Israel to date!
  16. Psychiatrist of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Commits Suicide, Blames Netanyahu
  17. The next O.J. trial...Tony Stewart not charged...yet!
  18. Is militarizing the police actually a good thing?
  19. I, Smudge Pot, am negligent in my duties as necromancer to welcome you
  20. In Germany sex with animals as 'lifestyle choice'
  21. Girl sings like a man!
  22. Ever wonder what ISIS looks like?
  23. This Hoax Affects Everyone
  24. Weekend At Robin's
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