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  1. Satanic chains removed from all human hands!
  2. Do Muslims Really Believe Jesus Christ Was Just A Prophet?
  3. Two years after the Sandy Hook massacre
  4. Unmasking Charlatans
  5. Hey Christians! There Are Two Sides To Every Story
  6. I abhor violence especially State sanctioned violence but sometimes
  7. :_
  8. Love Brings Peace!

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  1. An open letter from Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark to Sen. Rand Paul
  2. It's tough to choose between the police state and people going crazy
  3. Atheists launch provocative campaign in religious Deep South
  4. "SWAT Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson"
  5. The REAL Ferguson Conspiracy
  6. No, You're Not a Dummy For Believing in God
  7. Sen. Paul Would Declare War, Send Ground Troops Against ISIS-ugh!
  8. Jacob Hornberger: Rand Paul Is Wrong. Leave Iraq Alone!
  9. Sam Harris - Free Will is an Illusion (In honor of Buck50)
  10. Why do cops need guns?
  11. Abby Martin happy to be with the "hands up, don't shoot" crowd!
  12. Stop being a "Corporation" by losing your "legal name"...Updated!
  13. Farrakhan Basically Just Called For Revolution
  14. I Got Pulled Over For Speeding Today
  15. Rand Paul to Ferguson: "Come on guys, you got to wait to have your kids." (Government meddling in Procreation)
  16. PINAC: Darren Wilson Investigation Swayed by Favoritism from Start
  17. Obama Immigration Speech: All Major Television Networks Snub President, White House Not Pleased
  18. Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America
  19. Kevin Spacey declares war on United Nations
  20. Roger Goodell wants to be your baby's daddy
  21. WATCH – Don Lemon To Cosby Rape Accuser: Why Didn't You Bite His D@x# Off?
  22. Thousands of animals in Nepal pay the ultimate price of "harmless" religious beliefs
  23. President Obama's Full Address To The Nation on Immigration
  24. Washington Times smearing the truth:Republicans in the Senate flunk a test to stand up against the NSA
  25. Darren Wilson and the Protocols of Official Exoneration

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