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  1. Ebola Vaccinations have started
  2. Bill O'Reilly: 'I think Mitt Romney's gonna be the 2016 GOP nominee'; Coulter: 'I hope so!'
  3. World War 3: Putin Threatens West with Nuclear Warheads
  4. The Weather Channel will teach you wild conspiracy theorists about chemtrails
  5. Man Sees Satan In Hell And Realizes There Is Life After Death! Near Death Experience
  6. Oil slump leaves Russia even weaker than decaying Soviet Union
  7. Question about the big bang and the age of the universe.
  8. Government or Open borders, which would you prefer?
  9. This Ferguson Missouri disaster...Are these people that blind/Uninformed/Ignorant etc.?
  10. Mormons ask us to quit calling them "magic underwear" (edited)
  11. TED...Ahhhh! they got me!
  12. Pastor David Jeremiah Sermon: New World Order
  13. What does the Supreme Court have to say about Attorney's entering Facts and Evidence into a Case?
  14. Republican Congressional Nominee George Brikho to Open Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center, Saving Lives While Bolstering Mich

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  1. The Problem With Rand Paul
  2. So now we're the Daily Jesus?
  3. Rand Paul
  4. Christian VS Muslim - A cartoon
  5. What is love? Can love take pleasure in hurting other human beings?
  6. Why The Illuminati Killed Robin Williams
  7. The Block/Wenzel Debate on Rand just blew up
  8. This is what the fracking industry is bringing to North Dakota.
  9. Beheading in OKLAHOMA
  10. Daily Paul, you are a tough crowd! Who can answer this question?
  11. Ted Nugent Slams 'Ferguson Thugs' And The 'Plague Of Black Violence'
  12. : Rand Paul Says He Was Misquoted by The New Yorker
  13. Eric Holder Takes Job With JPMorgan (while still Attorney General) Can you say...
  14. Why Did the FBI Make Animal Cruelty a Top Tier Felony?
  15. URGENT - Petition: Have the FAA ban all incoming and outgoing flights to ebola-stricken countries
  16. Rand Paul Compromises Himself by Supporting Thom Tillis
  17. George Clooney gets married!
  18. Is Walter Block misreading Rand?
  19. What the Liberty Movement needs is it's own Ron Paul National Bank!
  20. If I was God for a day - or even an hour...
  21. Sending soldiers to their deaths
  22. Governor beheads man in GA prison
  23. Pennsylvania Blames Woman For Her Own Rape
  24. Christian vs. Muslim
  25. Love never lost any wars!