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  1. "Clinton, Paul both affiliated with Zionists" - Scott Rickard
  2. Saving Face is our Saving Grace

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  1. Photos and Witnesses Show Black Actress Having Sex in Public Before Police Were Called
  2. Earth Is The Center Of Universe! New Movie States Copernicus Was Wrong!
  3. "Clinton, Paul both affiliated with Zionists" - Scott Rickard
  4. U.S., Canadian jets intercept 8 Russian aircraft
  5. Tree Hugging Libertarians Unknowingly Buy Pieces Of Chilean Hell
  6. Saving Face is our Saving Grace
  7. semper fi

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  1. Argh Let it go already
  2. If Rand Paul is elected president, he'll probably bomb someone
  3. This doesn't happen to white people
  4. Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Ferguson Monologue
  5. They're all liars - every last one of them!
  6. NFL Bans Video Showing Rigged Championship
  7. We are slaves
  8. Duck Dynasty "Christian" Phil Robertson acting as useful idiot for the warmongers
  9. The real story of Hitler?
  10. Lucifer the Lightbearer
  11. Did Pope Francis declare with prayer on worldwide television that Lucifer is the father of Jesus? You tell me
  12. Daily Paul Limits Fundraising to 129% of $15,000 Goal
  13. I Think Jesse Ventura Will Bow Out And Give The Election to Rand
  14. What do you guys, gals, think of GOD?
  15. Two open letters to President Putin
  16. Dennis Fusaro: An Open Letter to Ron Paul
  17. "Mitt Romney will run in 2016 and crush the opposition"
  18. Truth in the Patriot Movement (What Everyone Needs to Understand)
  19. UPDATE : Need answer ( opinion ) FAST
  20. What the Next Gold Confiscation Will Look Like
  21. Defending Mitch McConnell
  22. Love
  23. Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown. Here’s why he probably won’t go to jail
  24. Fake picture on Foley beheading
  25. Evil is just about being removed from this planet