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  1. Dissatisfied Man Sends Wife Horrific Sex-Life Spreadsheet
  2. I Hate Religion
  3. Canadians sound off on Israel War Crimes

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  1. Pray for Henry Kissinger
  2. Dark Journalist: UFOs Are Real! Military Whistleblower Niara Isley
  3. Convert To Islam, Or Pay A Tax, Or Die By The Sword
  4. Rand Paul Scrubs Father's Books From Senate Website
  5. Life size pussy boat from Japan
  6. Who is Peter Thiel?: Bilderberg member and Ron Paul supporter
  7. Rand Paul Hires Former Santorum Campaign Manager...(REALLY?)
  8. Should Advocates for Individual Liberty Be "Against Anarchism?"
  9. Why are people here so anti Smudge Pot?
  10. Ukraine Jet Theory - Please Spread
  11. Joel Fuhrman: The Doctor Is Out There
  12. Liberty RISING! The First Gold Backed Crypto-Currency Has Been Launched! (BenSwann.Com)
  13. Meet the New Rand Paul
  14. Hey this video is fake...
  15. Israel approves Egyptian backed Cease Fire, Hamas rejects Peace-Plan

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  1. "Why Pornography is Bad for You"
  2. Evolution: Modern Myth (100 Ways To Kill Darwin's Evolution)
  3. IMO: Al-Qaeda, Isis Are Going To March Through Our Open Borders And Slaughter Millions Of Unaware Americans
  4. Liz Cheney would eat Rand Paul for Lunch
  5. Losing My Religion
  6. Factions Fight Club
  7. "Very Imminent" Glenn Greenwald Leak Still Not Posted 2 Days Later
  8. First Scientific Proof of God Found (in DNA)
  9. Brigitte Gabriel gives FANTASTIC answer to Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly
  10. Hi
  11. Proof Giants existed!
  12. He Had All The Girls In Pre K: Proof That Racism Is Taught!
  13. Why is crime skyrocketing in Denver with legal pot?
  14. Rand Paul Honors 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act
  15. NYPD Commish's Son, Greg Kelly Gets Inappropriate on Air, Over Fox Reporter, Anna Gilligan’s Bikini Body
  16. The Scariest Thing You Will Ever Hear
  17. Greg Gutfeld: Rand Paul is a 'child' on foreign policy
  18. Special Olympics Volunteer Pole Vaults Over Vintage Volkswagen Bus With Giant Inflatable Whale Penis! Now Upvote Me!
  19. CA Rep Nancy Pelosi arrested at border, held by INS for human smuggling.
  20. .N/A
  21. We, The People Are Violent And Filled With Rage: A Nation Spinning Apart On Its Independence Day
  22. Federal Appeals Court: US Constitution Applies to Everyone, Not Just US Citizens
  23. Father Arrested & Loses Job Because His Son Skipped Church
  24. Florida man falls into industrial size wood chipper! (News Clip)
  25. Outstanding Dr. Joel Fuhrman interview