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  1. What is love? Can love take pleasure in hurting other human beings?
  2. The Block/Wenzel Debate on Rand just blew up

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  1. The Problem With Rand Paul
  2. So now we're the Daily Jesus?
  3. Beheading in OKLAHOMA
  4. Eric Holder Takes Job With JPMorgan (while still Attorney General) Can you say...
  5. Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?
  6. Best music since Pink Floyd
  7. George Clooney gets married!
  8. Look what i found on for sale at amazon...
  9. The Not So Lofty Origins of the Pro Life Movement
  10. SarahPalinChannel.com
  11. Governor beheads man in GA prison
  12. What the Liberty Movement needs is it's own Ron Paul National Bank!
  13. If I was God for a day - or even an hour...
  14. Christian vs. Muslim
  15. Love never lost any wars!

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  1. Rand Paul: Time To ‘Destroy ISIS Militarily’…you're a dirtbag, Rand Paul!
  2. Rand Paul has jumped the shark
  3. If Rand Paul is elected president, he'll probably bomb someone
  4. O.K. Am I really a "Nazi" on the DP?
  5. Question for Rand Paul supporters
  6. Rand Paul Suddenly Finds His Inner Hawk
  7. Why does the liberty movement abhor justice?
  8. The Hill: Rand Paul abandons Ron Paul on war and peace
  9. If you don’t want nude photos leaked, don’t have them taken in the first place
  10. So...I confronted Those Fast food Strikers Today (VIDEO)
  11. NFL Bans Video Showing Rigged Championship
  12. To Islam: The 'burn Isis Flag' Challenge (Get Off Your Butts!)
  13. Duck Dynasty "Christian" Phil Robertson acting as useful idiot for the warmongers
  14. The real story of Hitler?
  15. Why Some Hawaiians Hate The White Man
  16. Is God a Central Planner?
  17. Dennis Fusaro: An Open Letter to Ron Paul
  18. "Mitt Romney will run in 2016 and crush the opposition"
  19. Truth in the Patriot Movement (What Everyone Needs to Understand)
  20. UPDATE : Need answer ( opinion ) FAST
  21. McCain Gloats Over Rand "Turning Into Hawk"
  22. W. James Antle: Rand Paul Is No "Flip-Flopper"
  23. Santorum op-ed: Rand Paul's neo-isolationism must be rejected
  24. Jesse Benton Likely To Work For Rand Paul 2016
  25. VIDEO: Hollywood vs. Reality Officer Involved Shootings