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  1. (21) Media beginning the blackout of Rand, or
  2. (20) Google to Become 'Arbiter of Truth' - Changing Search Algorithm
  3. (19) Do You Ever Miss Your Sheepy Former Friends And Loved Ones?
  4. (16) Honey on Tap Directly From Your Beehive. That is just amazing!~fishyculture
  5. (15) Homeless man killed by LAPD in broad daylight.
  6. (15) Which Five Daily Paulers Would You Like To Have in One Room?
  7. (15) Why Are So Many People Here Pro-Putin?
  8. (14) Rand Paul on Same-Sex Marriage: I don't think we should discriminate against people who want to have a contract w/ another adult
  9. (14) Noam Chomsky's Take on 'American Sniper'
  10. (14) When Will You Shrug?

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  1. (83) Libertarian Party Shoots Itself in the Foot once again
  2. (64) Time For My Nightly Jam Session II
  3. (60) Rand Paul wins 2015 CPAC Straw poll!
  4. (49) Nemtsov murder: Putin warned about exactly this type of “false flag” three years ago
  5. (45) Rand sticks it to Katie Couric w/ video.
  6. (42) Update: Bill O'Reilly about to do an apparent hit piece on Ron Paul Coming up tonight
  7. (41) Message From Legalize Liberty
  8. (40) Rand Paul CPAC 2015 Full Speech
  9. (37) Funny Gary Johnson makes fun of dumb Republicans about pot
  10. (36) Record US Farmers Switching to Non-GMO Crops in 2015
  11. (34) How does the Fed profit if it gives 90 per cent or more of its post expenses earnings to the Treasury?
  12. (32) Update: Fox News Spin: Rand Wins CPAC, but the REAL News is Walker's 2nd Place; ABC Version of the Spin
  13. (32) ISIS explained by Ben Swann
  14. (31) Should Creation Teacher Spend the Rest of His Life in Prison?
  15. (30) Net neutrality a reality: FCC votes to bring Internet under utility-style rules

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  1. (299) Time For My Nightly Jam Session II
  2. (142) Rand Paul takes on CNBC host on vaccines and other issues "I guess being for freedom would be unusual?" tells her to "Shh"
  3. (122) "If parents don't vaccinate their kids, they should keep 'em away from mine and build another school!"
  4. (115) I Love You, Goodbye
  5. (108) We Were Told The Truth In 1961. Are You Ready To Hear it Yet?
  6. (86) The EXACT flaw in the Constitution
  7. (86) The 'Hatred' of corporations should be discussed by every member of the Daily Paul
  8. (79) Libertarian Party Shoots Itself in the Foot once again
  9. (77) A friend needs help with hard drugs
  10. (76) I Love You Goodbye, part 3
  11. (75) Judge Napolitano Sounds Off on Vaccination Debate
  12. (74) Hillary Clinton Responds to Rand Paul on Vaccines via Twitter: "The earth is round, the sky is blue..."
  13. (67) If Rand Paul backs down from his Vaccine comments I won't ever support him
  14. (64) Anarchism vs. Limited Government
  15. (61) Ross Ulbricht is NOT a Hero
  16. (61) Ukraine: Post Ceasefire Reports (Updated)
  17. (61) Help - Diverticulitis and more?
  18. (60) Rand Paul wins 2015 CPAC Straw poll!
  19. (59) New Physics Model Indicates Big Bang Theory May Be False
  20. (57) Run governments by donation but not taxation?
  21. (57) Lysander Spooner's Flaw
  22. (57) What is the greatest lesson you have learned from our movement or Ron Paul?
  23. (56) Trying to win through politics is futile! Why? Because the whole system is corrupt and broken!
  24. (56) Why Are Americans Getting So Fat?
  25. (54) I'm a Muslim...

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