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  1. (1.8k) Law vs Anti-Law
  2. (1.6k) Homosexuality and the Bible
  3. (1.5k) Ben Swann & Chris Davis, Vice's Fmr Media Editor rightfully take Pro-Kiev, often Pro-WH/State Dept Propaganda ViCE Mag, to Task!
  4. (1.1k) The Power of Music
  5. (900) The Future of Google Glass?
  6. (700) Open Carry Preacher Terry Holcomb arrested at San Jacinto County Texas Commisioners Meeting
  7. (700) Secretary Robert Reich And Senator McCain Join In Universal Servitude Plan
  8. (700) Treat yourself to the second greatest book ever written

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  1. (21.5k) Eric Holder's Victims: 812 Settlements, $156 Billion in Penalties
  2. (8k) Oh, and by the Way: When Govt Terrorists declare a National Ebola "State of Emergency," kiss what remaining "Rights" Good Bye!
  3. (6.2k) Ebola Liberia: Island of Discarded Lab Apes; Mil. Ind. Complex & BigPharma, or Why Liberia's become a HotBed for BioWeapons?
  4. (4.8k) UPDATED: Cody Wilson & Defense Distributed: "October Surprise" is Here! Ghost Gunner: Portable, Open-Source Desktop CNC-Mill!
  5. (3.2k) Question: What does the Film OUTBREAK, Kansas City, KS, Reston, VA, USAMRIID BioWarfare Lab, Ft. Detrick & Ebola have in Common?
  6. (2.6k) Expect Blowback: Don Rasmussen, Fmr RP2008 Consultant wants to "purge" R3VOL of Heretics à la Jack Hunter 2.0; 'Cause: $AIPAC!
  7. (2.5k) PsyOps Alert: Iraqi TV parodies ISIS as CIA/IDF/Saudi Creation; DoD/MSM to accuse Any American who agrees = Terror-Sympathizers?
  8. (2.3k) A True OathKeeper's PoliceState Catharsis: Fmr Sheriff Dub Lawrence witnesses his Son-in-Law MURDERed by SWAT founded BY Him!
  9. (2.1k) USMC Vet turned Pulitzer-winning NYT Scribe C.J.Chivers: US arming IsIs; China arms, by Proxy
  10. (1.9k) You may Lawfully Possess an Automatic Weapon (and silenced for that matter) without purchasing a Tax Stamp:
  11. (1.8k) Law vs Anti-Law
  12. (1.7k) G. Brikho Warns Foreign Policy Aids ISIS and Must Be Stopped to Save Western Civilization
  13. (1.7k) Our Foreign Policy Is Destroying Sovereign Nations
  14. (1.7k) World's Most Haunted Location ( Do you like ghost stories? Here is a real one)
  15. (1.6k) Camp grounds, trailer parks, tiny houses, future trends
  16. (1.6k) Homosexuality and the Bible
  17. (1.5k) Ben Swann & Chris Davis, Vice's Fmr Media Editor rightfully take Pro-Kiev, often Pro-WH/State Dept Propaganda ViCE Mag, to Task!
  18. (1.4k) Is Ben 'CIA-Argo' Affleck getting ready to run for Office? Feigns PC-Indignant over "Radical Islam" vs Bill Maher AND Sam Harris
  19. (1.3k) Nooooooooo! Dr. Stan Monteith just passed away! .o(
  20. (1.3k) Patient 0 gave it to One of his Caregivers. This wasn't supposed to happen.
  21. (1.3k) Naomi Wolf questions Veracity of IsIs 'Beheadings' & Obola's AFRICOM 'fighting' Ebola, The Left declare her Persona Non-Grata!
  22. (1.3k) For Ballistics-scrutinous Gunnies: 1st Hand Acct by AfPak Combat Medic turned Civilian EMT on Efficacy of 9 & 5.56 FMJ on Bodies
  23. (1.2k) Beloved family, I am found not guilty, all my rights are restored and this dark cloud
  24. (1.2k) The Moment The Flood Came And The Dailypaul Battlecry Was Born! For Liberty!
  25. (1.2k) The Current Ruling Class as a Corporate Commodus
  26. (1.2k) How I Make Colloidal Silver
  27. (1.2k) You Are Not Rand's Audience And I Am Supporting Rand Paul And This Is Why.
  28. (1.2k) Dissent and Progress
  29. (1.1k) The Power of Music
  30. (1.1k) To Bomb Or Not To Bomb
  31. (1.1k) Daily Paul 2014 Learn Something Challenge:Amateur Hour in the Calligraphists Den
  32. (1k) Ebola is false-flag attempt to get vaccine foisted on world
  33. (1k) Fmr Call of Duty GameDeveloper wants to post Military, like Cops @ Schools So All Peons-in-Training can Worship Them & the State
  34. (1k) Why Tisha Casida is the Most Biblical Vote
  35. (900) The Strikes On ISIS In Syria Have Nothing To Do With Defeating Terrorism
  36. (900) The Future of Google Glass?
  37. (900) Forgiveness medicine: the task before me. Practical applications of forgive.
  38. (900) Too Big to ... Survive
  39. (900) Got Pump-Action... AR? Troy Ind. introduces a New sub-$1,000 AR to defeat the Rabid Gun-Grabbers!
  40. (900) The uselessness of the United Nations; a theater for announcing a coming world tyranny.
  41. (900) Understand the "fundamental transformation of America"...
  42. (900) Hoppe Comes Out of the Closet
  43. (800) Nobama
  44. (800) Gavin Pulls Over Unmarked Deputy. Lets Him Off The Hook With A Verbal Warning.
  45. (800) Arming The Rebels To Kill The Rebels We Created In The Mid East Makes No Sense
  46. (800) Gold Is Not in a Bear Market
  47. (800) Mr President, will you tell us the truth? 8 questions we must ask Obama about secret war
  48. (800) Creating a Rational Basis for the Law
  49. (800) How to conduct a PSYOP and exploit human psychology (Ebola, Wars, Civil Liberties)
  50. (700) Beyond Ron Paul on Secession