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I was not looking agreement, Shrader. 11/18/2013 19:50
This is how I responded to your post, ATruepatriot 11/18/2013 06:31
Quite possible. Doctor David Hawkins, MD PhD, one of... 11/18/2013 06:02
Never, ever, ever trust anybody who supports Israel. 11/18/2013 05:49
Then JFK debased the currency as well. 11/18/2013 01:04
I believe your conclusions are correct... 11/18/2013 00:07
Except in the case of silver coin. 11/17/2013 23:28
No, Republicae, I did not read the EO. If you read my original 11/17/2013 22:57
Lincoln may or may not have been assassinated over the... 11/17/2013 22:46
I have spent the last few minutes doing just that. 11/17/2013 22:40
.This is convincing. However, JFK was putting a great deal of.. 11/17/2013 22:10
Prove the quotes are bogus; and I have taken time to... 11/17/2013 21:58
Lincoln quotes 11/17/2013 20:57
Hey, if it gives the terrorist state of Israel pause to attack 11/17/2013 18:52
By defending Obama, Oprah Winfrey proves she is a racist 11/17/2013 18:19
I am hopeful your question will be investigated. 11/17/2013 18:04
Funny; but do you fail to see the significance of this? 11/17/2013 17:49
The latest post from the website of the original article... 11/17/2013 17:45
The latest post from the website of the original article... 11/17/2013 17:43
Truman was the first world leader to recognize Israel... 11/17/2013 17:18
Bankers have benefited from EVERY presidential assassination, 11/17/2013 17:01
RICO suit against Corporation of the United States 11/17/2013 16:39
Besides, Adam will be too young to be eligible in 2016. 11/17/2013 15:29
I don't doubt your sincerity; I just thought your compass.... 11/17/2013 15:23
Cosmic radiation exposure could be the least of our worries. 11/17/2013 15:22
Know any pilots? 11/17/2013 14:58
According to some web posts, it moved 120 miles in the first... 11/17/2013 14:57
I posted this at roughly the same time as the thorium car post. 11/17/2013 14:16
Well, J. Edgar Hoover thought so. 11/17/2013 13:29
Actually, it may be. 11/17/2013 13:24
Time to fire this law professor. 11/17/2013 13:10
Humor is good at addressing this. 11/17/2013 12:45
Absolutely correct. 11/17/2013 12:33
A sudden Earth Magnetic Pole Reversal would have major... 11/17/2013 12:25
Good. IIf what you say is true, we should have nothing to... 11/17/2013 11:53
The Sun's pole reverses quite frequently. 11/17/2013 11:52
Ever accidentally reversed the leads on a DC battery? 11/17/2013 11:49
The shift is accelerating. 11/17/2013 11:48
Bravo! 11/17/2013 08:44
That is why you must give them the choice between... 11/16/2013 10:26
The sad part is that the Thorium fuel cycle has been known for.. 11/16/2013 10:19
If this is so darned easy... 11/16/2013 05:28
End the Fed Rally in Jacksonville on November 23 at 2 PM. 11/16/2013 04:48
Certainly, ATruepatriot. 11/15/2013 20:30
Looks to me like the "Tesla wave signatures" seen in China 11/15/2013 19:46
Well, it is glamorous, but... 11/15/2013 19:01
I agree with you. Besides, many outside of... 11/15/2013 16:15
Then stop putting all the Bible BS on the DP 11/15/2013 16:10
I have been saying the same thing as the scientist for years. 11/15/2013 10:35
What type of software programs do you write? 11/15/2013 06:20