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What does the Supreme Court have to say about Attorney's entering Facts and Evidence into a Case? 10/21/2014 17:29
Karl Lentz vs Mark Stevens on Tax Statutes vs The Common Law (Audio). 10/20/2014 20:01
Need Help Finding A Footnote In The 2nd Amendment That Tells Us To Refer To US Codes To Validate The Law. 10/17/2014 00:01
Can an Attorney file an actual 'CLAIM' against another 'man' for violation of a statute, or are they filing 'COMPLAINTS'? 10/15/2014 22:06
Michael, you have a VERY serious forum moderators problem that needs to be addressed. 10/13/2014 16:03
Did you know that ALL Elected Officials MUST Renounce Their American Nat'l Citizenship Before Taking Public Office? 10/11/2014 19:20
You may Lawfully Possess an Automatic Weapon (and silenced for that matter) without purchasing a Tax Stamp: 10/09/2014 22:25
When the Asst. Atty Gen of NC and an OAH Law Judge says your Taxing Agency is not an Agency under the State, you have a problem! 01/22/2013 20:28
Tax Tip: Start Charging The IRS and any Gov't Agency an Hourly Rate for Filing Their Paperwork and Returns: 01/10/2013 15:06
Want to purchase a firearm? Better read that "Yellow Form 4473" line 9L and 9M one more time! 11/07/2012 13:51
Bombshell: Rod Class gets FOURTH Administrative Ruling "Gov't Offices are Vacant"- All Gov't Officials are "Private Contractors" 10/14/2012 18:25
PROOF: God (Vespasian) Himself Admits in the Scriptures to Having a "Human Father That Disciplined Him" 08/04/2012 16:31
The Roman Empire and the Catholic Church are about to Fall: The Roman Conspiracy to Create Jesus Christ Unveiled: 08/02/2012 20:38
Public Notice: "Attention To All Gun-Grabbing Politicians - The Jig Is Up!" - "Govern Yourselves Accordingly" 07/27/2012 19:08
Have a Business and the Gov't wants you to Collect a Sales Tax? Is it time you started Charging them an Administrative Fee? 07/19/2012 15:26
Did Big Brother Install A "Smart Meter" On Your Home? Here's How You Replace It With An Analog Meter: 07/14/2012 21:15
Want to Stick it to the Bankers? Did you Know the Day you Signed the Note, Your House was Paid in Full? 07/14/2012 00:42
They Created The 14th Amendment To "Exempt Themselves" From The Slavery They Were About To Impose On Us: BINGO! 07/13/2012 19:18
What's the One Document You have in Your Possession that gives You the Authority or Jurisdiction to Control my Life? 07/11/2012 14:18
The Illinois Attorney General's Website states we are under British Rule: Will this BOMBSHELL be moved to "Off Topic"? 07/09/2012 18:10
Is America Still A British Colony? And If So, Have You Heard Of The "Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666"? 07/08/2012 17:37
IRS Garnishing your Check? How about your Social Security Account? You're Gonna Love This: 07/07/2012 00:26
Can the "STATE" be an Injured Party? How about the Prosecutor for that STATE? Can the STATE bring charges against a living Man? 07/06/2012 20:51
Social Security is "NOT" a Contract and Here is your Undeniable "PROOF"! 07/04/2012 14:26
Trust Law: Your Rights and How to Enforce Them - Are You Sitting Down? 07/04/2012 00:46
*shareholders And Investors* Of United States Inc. To Sue Chief Executive Officer (Obama) For Lack Of Eligibility: 07/02/2012 17:08
This is why you should never hire an Attorney: Because when you do, You are considered a WARD of the STATE! 06/28/2012 01:08
This is why you should never hire an Attorney: Because when you do, You are considered a WARD of the STATE! 06/28/2012 01:04
Need Help and Guidance from Moderators: 06/25/2012 20:53
ATTENTION: What Are You Moderators Trying To Cover Up? Censorship Is Out Of Control! 06/21/2012 00:28
Attention: Ron Paul Delegates! If the LFRP Can't Get It Done, You Must Take Another Approach: You Must Represent Yourselves! 06/20/2012 14:52
Are you tired of being a 14th Amendment "citizen" that's bound to "statutes" and not Laws? If so, you might want to read this: 06/18/2012 19:56
Arizona State Senator Wayne Stump: "Your Common Law Right To Travel": Letter To State Officials! 06/17/2012 21:00
Attention: Another "I'm Leaving the Daily Paul" and "I'm Ashamed of All of You" Thread - Entertainment Thread: 06/14/2012 15:39
It's Official: Ron Paul is Out ! 06/09/2012 22:28
"Living In The Land Of Presumptions": How Americans Got Their A$SES "PRESUMTIVELY" Handed To Them! 04/21/2012 20:29
BOMBSHELL: Constitution is a Trust, the People are the Beneficiaries! Public Servants are Trustees! 04/18/2012 00:03
CON of the CENTURY: Obama used the Trust against us: Trustees Have No STANDING to SUE! 04/16/2012 14:42
URGENT ! BREAKING NEWS ! This is how we shut down Congress and stop the Wars and Taxation! 04/16/2012 12:45
Holy Crap! They are trying to dissolve the Trust (Constitution), we are the Executors! 04/15/2012 23:23
The UNITED STATES Corporation and Mr. Obama have a REAL BIG PROBLEM: 04/15/2012 20:01
Why has my post been moved to OFF TOPIC? IRS: Do We Have A Labor Dispute? 04/12/2012 03:27
Proof! Gov't Agencies/Officials/Police are PRIVATE entities! 04/12/2012 00:30
IRS: Failure To File, let's address something shall we? Do we have a major labor dispute? 04/11/2012 19:08
The Great Birth Certificate (Trust) Scam: This is How They Are Enslaving You ... 04/09/2012 18:12
This is why you have no Constitutional Rights: The Fraud of the 14th Amendment Exposed! 04/05/2012 22:37
New Constitutional Amendment: From this Day Forth, any Congressman, Senator ... 04/03/2012 20:46
Obama Forgeries and Arrest Timeline: How long before the dam explodes? 04/02/2012 18:23
It's time to take off the gloves and go after the IRS to win Dr. Paul the Nomination. 01/21/2012 22:37
"For Someone Who Dodged The Draft, You Sure Do Like War" 01/04/2012 13:11