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Al Sharpton: Rand Paul could be a real threat in the general election 09/16/2014 21:30
Looking Strong In 2016, Rand Paul's Record Comes Under A Microscope 09/16/2014 00:47
McCain Gaffes Going After Rand Paul: ‘Has He Met With ISIS?’ 09/16/2014 00:30
Cenk Uygur Would ‘Lay Money on Rand Paul Being the Next President’ 09/16/2014 00:17
The Secret to Rand Paul’s Foreign Policy: His Father 09/13/2014 13:59
Rand Paul meets with Richard Branson to discuss drug policy 09/11/2014 17:46
Bluegrass Battle – Rand Paul's feud with a powerful Kentucky Republican 09/11/2014 17:43
Thomas Massie: Redacted pages from 9/11 report could change opinions on foreign policy 09/11/2014 14:28
NPR: A New Brand Of Paul Gains Support In Iowa 09/10/2014 20:33
Christian Broadcasting Network covers Rand Paul's medical mission in Guatemala (VIDEO) 09/10/2014 14:15
Rand Paul speaks out against police militarization at Senate hearing - VIDEO 09/09/2014 13:54
W. James Antle: Can Rand Paul Open the GOP’s Foreign-Policy Mind? 09/08/2014 14:11
Santorum op-ed: Rand Paul's neo-isolationism must be rejected 09/05/2014 18:13
W. James Antle: Rand Paul Is No "Flip-Flopper" 09/05/2014 18:11
Ezra Klein: The DNC’s braindead attack on Rand Paul 08/29/2014 12:02
Santorum Slams Rand Paul For Advocating ‘Obama’s Failed Isolationism’ 08/28/2014 18:26
DNC blasts Rand Paul for "blame America" WSJ op-ed 08/28/2014 11:57
Rand Paul WSJ oped: How U.S. Interventionists Abetted the Rise of ISIS 08/27/2014 22:42
Rand Paul: Hillary's 'War Hawk' Policies led to Benghazi Attack, Rise of ISIS 08/27/2014 14:44
MSNBC's Krystal Ball: Rand Paul is courageous, Hillary is cowardly in addressing Ferguson events 08/27/2014 07:49
Rand Paul takes aim at "war hawk" Hillary Clinton - Fox News Special Report 08/27/2014 06:51
Chris Matthews: Next U.S. presidential election may be between a Democratic hawk and Republican dove 08/26/2014 13:07
Democratic Underground in Rand Paul freakout mode 08/25/2014 19:33
Senator Rand Paul performs eye surgery in Guatemala - The Today Show 08/25/2014 14:59
Morning Joe discussion: Democrats who underestimate Rand Paul are making a mistake 08/25/2014 11:41
Rand Paul restores eyesight to those in need - NBC Nightly News 08/23/2014 22:12
What Rand Paul Can Teach The Republican Party About Race 08/19/2014 22:41
Michael Steele: Rand Paul is most dangerous man in politics right now to break down left-right paradigm 08/17/2014 13:36
Mike Huckabee speaks out against militarization of America's police forces | Fox News 8/16/14 08/16/2014 21:43
For Rand Paul, the rules of politics just don't apply 08/15/2014 15:18
Al Sharpton: Rand Paul puts pressure on Democrats and Hillary to speak for civil rights 08/15/2014 14:25
Joe Scarborough: Rand Paul's op-ed on police militarization was important 08/15/2014 14:14
MSNBC host: Rand Paul breaks the mold of Republicans who never question law enforcement 08/15/2014 10:27
Rand Paul weighs in on Ferguson: We Must Demilitarize the Police 08/14/2014 12:45
Amash dissent: Why my opponent's smears were 'disgusting' 08/14/2014 11:58
Rand Paul performs eye surgery in Louisville, plans trip to Guatemala 08/13/2014 14:04
Rand Paul = Democrats’ Enemy #1 08/07/2014 11:58
Wow - Justin Amash on fire after his primary victory! (VIDEO) 08/06/2014 02:06
Why Justin Amash Keeps Winning 08/05/2014 23:52
MSNBC host praises Rand Paul's principled leadership 08/05/2014 00:34
Amash's Opponent Brian Ellis trying to pull a Thad Cochran in Michigan! 08/02/2014 11:06
Rand Paul: CIA Director John Brennan Should Be Fired 08/01/2014 18:38
Bill O’Reilly Wants to Know Why Rand Paul Won’t Come on His Show 08/01/2014 16:19
Rand Paul op-ed: The Unintended Consequences of Interventionism – Libya’s civil war should have never been our fight. 08/01/2014 13:42
Chris Matthews praises Rand Paul's push for criminal justice reform 07/31/2014 10:03
Congressman Massie: There Will Be ‘Anger, Frustration, and Embarrassment’ When Redacted Pages of 9/11 Report Come Out 07/31/2014 01:55
Lawrence O'Donnell: Rand Paul speaks eloquently for criminal justice reform while most Democrats won't touch it 07/31/2014 00:23
W. James Antle: Will Michigan elect the next Justin Amash – article about Tom McMillin on 07/29/2014 16:12
Roland Martin: Stuck on stupid partisans who attack Rand Paul need to stop tripping 07/28/2014 19:15
Rand Paul Talks to Blacks and Democrats Flip Out 07/28/2014 11:28