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RT talks to Daniel McAdams, director of Ron Paul's IPP, about NATO's "proof" of Russia invading the Ukraine 09/02/2014 23:31
Police unions fight to keep military gear for police force 08/31/2014 13:53
UPDATE: Propagandist at the Daily Beast attack Ron Paul because he "dons truther tin foil" 08/31/2014 11:11
Nigel Farage talks about politicians defecting to UKIP! (Video) 08/28/2014 21:13
Judge Napolitano on Judge ruling against Ohio law against free speech (video) 08/28/2014 21:04
The real cause of the California drought: The Government 08/27/2014 14:47
Feds to track "hate speech" on twitter 08/25/2014 20:57
Richard Attenborough dies at age 90 08/25/2014 08:51
Amash answers a question on twitter on why he voted against the Iron Dome. 08/16/2014 20:33
Libertarians Hoping Amash Gets Like-Minded Help in November 08/16/2014 14:41
Los Angeles wants to give gifts for you to vote 08/16/2014 14:28
Ron Paul: "Why is the plight of Palestinians never mentioned?" 08/15/2014 23:26
Obama dancing to the tune of America's death 08/14/2014 09:11
Hundreds (not dozens as MSM headlines say) of Israelites protest, defying government protest restriction. (video) 08/10/2014 17:39
Daniel Hannan: A Letter of Warning to America (video) 08/10/2014 10:36
4 year old thought to have died 10 years ago in tsunami found alive (video) 08/09/2014 10:19
Morning Joe blow: Justin Amash's victory speech 'bad for America' (video) 08/07/2014 21:13
Washington Post: Justin Amash's amazing victory speech (video) 08/06/2014 21:37
Rep. Justin Amash defeats Brian Ellis: 'I ran for office to stop people like you' (video) 08/06/2014 21:31
Flashback: Nigel Farage discusses war with Iran, mentions Ron Paul 08/04/2014 01:11
Forbes: Why did Ron Paul say gold could go to infinity? 08/03/2014 15:35
Amash, Massie and few others vote against funding Israel's Iron Dome defense (video) 08/03/2014 03:09
Ron Paul: ‘End Torture, Shut Down The CIA!’ 07/29/2014 21:22
I'm back, and my mind is right. 07/29/2014 21:19
Ron Paul: Stocks are in a bubble and will crash (Video) 07/29/2014 21:13
I'm going to leave for a time 05/14/2014 17:03
Police chase a suspect into another family's backyard, kill their puppy, and arrest owner for asking about it 05/14/2014 16:28
Rand Paul threatens to hold Federal Reserve nominees for audit bill vote 05/13/2014 12:14
Newly elected Walter Jones supports bill to keep congress in coach while flying 05/13/2014 11:04
TSA Supervisor arrested for having sex with minors in Dominican Republic 05/12/2014 13:37
End of the Line 05/11/2014 22:52
Ron Paul inducted into the congressional baseball hall of fame! (Video) *2012* (old news) 05/10/2014 18:29
Ron Paul-backed Audit the Fed bill hits majority support in the House 05/10/2014 11:46
Rand Paul vs. Ron Paul in Baseball Uniforms: Who Wore It Better? (Photos) 05/10/2014 11:37
GOP Rep. Calls Justin Amash ‘Al Qaeda’s Best Friend in Congress’ 05/09/2014 13:38
Updates on primary results? 05/07/2014 10:45
Rob Schneider Tells Chris Stigall: We Are Sliding Very Fast Towards Fascism 05/02/2014 17:54
RINO talking heads wrong in 1998, and wrong now 05/01/2014 16:03
Candidate for CA governor responsible for 2007 bank bailout gets Romney endorsement (audio) 05/01/2014 13:43
Let's never forget why we are here! 04/30/2014 13:52
Now! Rand Paul live on google chat! Submit your questions! 04/30/2014 11:42
Examiner does a propaganda piece for Lindsey Graham: "Cruising to primary victory" - Video 04/30/2014 09:08
Government propaganda: now there is supposed death threats against Harry Reid 04/28/2014 21:07
This is how I'm feeling right now! 04/28/2014 15:17
Water police! California cities begin "water waste" patrols 04/28/2014 13:28
Bill O'Reilly shows his contempt for the constitution while interviewing Judge Napolitano on Clive Bundy 04/27/2014 16:01
European elections: Nigel Farage's Ukip under repeated fire – but it's not putting off the voters, say the polls 04/27/2014 09:55
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10,000 sing Ode To Joy by Beethoven 04/20/2014 13:09
One of the most difficult keyboard solos to play in history 04/19/2014 12:45