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The Neocons take over Iowa GOP - latest news 04/29/2014 10:02
The possibility of a Constitutional Convention and even getting rid of the Federal government 04/08/2014 19:49
The Red Line & the Rat Line Seymour Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan, CW's, Syria, Benghazi & CIA arms smuggling 04/08/2014 19:42
Special election in Florida CD13 Mar 11th - Lucas Overby, Libertarian candidate has just won a televised debate 02/06/2014 19:27
Rand Paul Endorses Stickland in HD-92 01/19/2014 18:18
Anyone who votes for this disaster of a budget deal needs to be voted out - they are Fascists 12/11/2013 19:09
The Revisionist History of how the Iranian Nuclear Deal came about is already being written in America 11/24/2013 13:31
Dems on Huffy Post are incredibly naive - they think rules in Obamacare will limit Healthcare profits LOL! 11/18/2013 19:04
The absolute total disaster that BOTH of the 2 main parties have made of America and how to fix it 11/18/2013 18:54
Former British Ambassador : Mossad fabricated evidence on CW attack in Syria 09/21/2013 12:21
Bandar Bin Sultan - Prince of Terrorists 09/21/2013 11:35
“Bandar Bush” Buys Votes in Congress for War on Syria 09/21/2013 11:14
BBC News - Navy Yard: Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene 09/19/2013 10:46
Syrians in Ghouta Claim Saudi-Supplied Rebels Behind Chemical Attack - Blows Obama out of the water 08/30/2013 15:58
Overt military action in Syria - What exactly would it achieve? 08/27/2013 06:10
Self deleted - someone else has already posted the story up 08/26/2013 09:26
Bill Moyers : The End Game for Democracy 08/26/2013 07:55
Is Rand Paul going Neocon on Iran? 08/20/2013 16:39
Farewell to privacy : Life in a surveillance state 08/19/2013 04:04
Rand Paul "Room in the Party for those who believe in bigger government" 08/18/2013 14:50
Questions that need to be asked directly to the NSA under oath 08/17/2013 15:47
AJ Spiker and the view from Iowa 08/15/2013 11:19
A simple retort to anyone who says that Snowden or Manning should be jailed 07/31/2013 12:27
We will not get anywhere on our own 07/28/2013 02:23
Obama tries for total internet censorship via precedence from the Manning case 07/28/2013 02:08
Chris Hedges calls for overthrow of the current system via non-violent mass protests (as the only solution) 07/28/2013 02:05
The names of the 217 TRAITORS in the House who voted for a Police State 07/25/2013 02:38
Locking out the voices of dissent - Chris Hedges 07/16/2013 08:28
An opportunity for a mass public demonstration against the #NSA. Keith Alexander speaking July 31st at hackers conf 07/12/2013 03:33
Did you know John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state? 07/06/2013 04:57
Let's have a public poll as to whether Clapper and Alexander should be prosecuted and jailed for perjury 07/06/2013 02:17
This Independence Weekend, Let's Remember a Leaker That Helped Spur The American Revolution - Benjamin Franklin 07/06/2013 02:11
Restore the 4th on the 4th of July - find a protest in your area 07/01/2013 04:11
self deleted 06/30/2013 04:35
The dirty little secret about NSA Mass surveillance - it's not about counter terror 06/29/2013 19:46
One rule for the rich and one rule for the rest #Banksters #Snowden #NSA 06/22/2013 18:14
Run Edward Snowden for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat up for grabs in 2014 06/21/2013 01:15
Supreme Court Ruling, better not remain silent after all 06/18/2013 03:18
Al Gore : NSA Surveillance violates the Constitution 06/15/2013 03:16
"Sane" versus "Crazy" in Washington DC #Syria #War #NSA #Snowden 06/14/2013 16:58
Prism: concerns over government tyranny are legitimate | Guardian #FiveEyes 06/13/2013 17:35
How to avoid political backlash from spying on your own citizens - do a deal with someone else and swap info #FiveEyes 06/13/2013 09:47
The propagandists are out against Libertarians now 06/12/2013 11:16
It's up to each and every one of US now to make a difference #Snowden #NSA 06/12/2013 07:49
The NSA's best defense of Prism didn't even last a week 06/12/2013 05:57
Clapper And Feinstein Get Caught Lying - Big Time 06/11/2013 11:59
The implications of a Mass Surveillance State - mass blackmail of the public, politicians, media, judges etc. 06/11/2013 06:11
A LOT of people are in need of a wake up call - try this 06/10/2013 04:15
Nominate Edward Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize & rescind Obama's award 06/09/2013 16:21
Rand Paul says he will launch class action lawauit / Scotus case to end NSA snooping 06/09/2013 12:22