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Test Drive the One-Wheeled Skateboard of the Future (video) 02/20/2014 19:47
The War On Men: 10 Ways Masculinity is Under Attack 02/19/2014 22:09
Is President Obama Bullied By The United Nations To Not Decriminalize Marijuana? ( 02/19/2014 21:37
Chinese Gossip Blogger Fights For Freedom To Post Celebrity Up-Skirt Photos 02/19/2014 21:16
Unite and Conquer: Fighting Back Against the Oligarchy - James Corbett video 02/19/2014 18:47
(first draft) Yet Another Argument Against Minimum Wage Increases 02/18/2014 22:59
Video: Proof Gold Has No Value 02/18/2014 22:38
NSA To Cut Most Programs After Finding Americans Only Think About Sex or Food All of The Time 02/18/2014 18:25
Flight carrying Ron Paul, others in Congress makes emergency landing (flashback 2008) 02/18/2014 15:50
Vice News: Why the Sochi Olympics are the Most Expensive in History (hint: it's corruption) 02/17/2014 22:00
Russia Applauds America's Efforts To Exclude Gay Athletes From Professional Sports 02/17/2014 20:35
How to Blow Up Someone's Head with Sound Waves 02/17/2014 19:49
How to Make Special Valentine's Day Babycakes Cake Pops 02/14/2014 13:04
This algorithm can predict a revolution 02/13/2014 18:31
Paul Craig Roberts/Activist Post- The Five Criminals: In America The Gestapo Has Replaced The Rule Of Law 02/13/2014 18:21
Wisconsin September 11 Memorial First and Only in the Nation 02/13/2014 18:04
Is there a Little Free Library in your town? 02/13/2014 17:35
This Image Isn't Really Moving - It's You 02/13/2014 17:27
Meet Cody Wilson, creator of the 3D-gun, anarchist, libertarian (the Guardian) 02/12/2014 19:40
AG Eric Holder Urges States to Lift Bans on Felons’ Voting 02/12/2014 17:38
Jury Nullification: The Law You Won't Be Told (video) 02/12/2014 17:07
An Army of Davids: How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths 02/10/2014 18:10
It's Official? Hillary Clinton to Launch 2016 Campaign? 02/10/2014 16:58
Zerohedge: Markets Since The Dawn Of Civilization 02/10/2014 15:49
Any Meteor Showers Scheduled for Tonight? 02/09/2014 23:08
American Leaders Joke About Dead Veterans and Children (video) 02/09/2014 21:43
Judge Napolitano: Google Glass App Nametag & What It Means For Privacy 02/08/2014 20:36
How to Crash the Super Bowl without a Ticket - video 02/06/2014 21:44
Serving Suggestion 02/05/2014 11:58
DEA Official Announces Successful Drug Bust On Son's Room 02/03/2014 15:16
The Guardian: How Edward Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower 02/02/2014 16:07
Which State is the Most Free? 02/02/2014 11:26
Iphone Taser App Raises Questions About Tasers, Iphones 02/01/2014 20:22
Superbowl Sex Trafficking Exposed by Rep. Ted Poe 02/01/2014 15:13
Preview of President Duchovny's 2018 State of the Union Speech 02/01/2014 06:09
George Bush - Then and Now 02/01/2014 04:04 - Liveleak Reports: Guardian newspaper destroys Snowden files while feds look on 02/01/2014 02:04
The Little Book of Conspiracies: 50 Reasons to Be Paranoid 01/31/2014 22:36
Groundhog Implicated in Shadow-Rigging Scandal 01/31/2014 20:38
The Path is Short the Way is Wide 01/31/2014 17:47
Connecticut Gun Owners Revolt; Refuse to Register Firearms & Magazines 01/30/2014 22:22
The Insider Trading Behind the Housing Crash: Bilderberg-linked Economic Collapse 01/30/2014 19:11
Furious Backlash Forces HSBC To Scrap Large Cash Withdrawal Limit - zerohedge 01/26/2014 16:51
YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video 01/26/2014 01:24
How long can you go without sleep? James May's Q&A Ep 14 01/26/2014 00:33
Emergency Health Scare! Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! Sign the Petition! 01/25/2014 21:35
Ben Swann on Spirituality, 9/11, Censorship, GeoEngineering (video) 01/25/2014 13:17
10 Reasons To Join The Global March Against Geoengineering on Saturday, Jan 25 01/25/2014 13:03
State of the Union Address (full video) 01/25/2014 12:57
Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday 01/25/2014 11:46