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Operation Mockingbird: CIA Manipulation of the Media (video) 12/16/2013 15:33
Ben Swann Debates Gun Control On RT America with Jill Stein and Richard Feldman. Parts 1-4 Updated 12/16/2013 01:17
Bitcoin Breaks Through 1000 Tulip Barrier on High Volume 12/15/2013 23:00
Kim Jong Il Announces Plan To Bring Moon To North Korea (warning: humor) 12/15/2013 22:38
The Onion - China Launches First Willing Manned Mission Into Space 12/15/2013 19:24
VICTORY: License Plate Scanners Suspended in Boston Over Privacy Concerns - Activist Post 12/15/2013 16:10
Put at Least 4% of Your Wealth Into Bitcoin, But No More Than 18% 12/15/2013 07:58
NASA Scientists Plan To Approach Girl By 2018 12/14/2013 21:02
War on Syria begins with mass vaccination program - Activist Post 12/14/2013 20:16
Slow-Witted Conspiracy Theorist Convinced Government Behind NASA 12/14/2013 16:45
Wichita Airport Car Bomb Plotter "Was Under Constant FBI Surveillance" - MSNBC via MoxNews 12/13/2013 21:19
Bloomberg Defends NYPD's Controversial Stop And Kiss Program 12/13/2013 21:04
You Picked A Fine Time To Leave Me, Blue Shield (humorous video makes light of the Affordable Care Act in a jocular fashion) 12/13/2013 18:07
Our Narrow Slice 12/13/2013 17:22
3D-printed skull mimics feel of brain surgery 12/13/2013 16:43
Bitcoin Mastercard Priceless Parody (video) 12/12/2013 21:36
"Priorityism: The Social Justice Economy That Sets Capitalism Free 12/12/2013 19:14
(flashback) Sources Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013 12/12/2013 17:30
LISTEN: Creepy AI Telemarketer Sounds Human, Denies Being a Robot (Activist Post) 12/12/2013 16:08
Should More Americans Get In On The EZ-Go Juicer Craze? 12/11/2013 22:04
Ron Paul Defends Against the Thought Police - full Ron Paul Channel video 12/11/2013 13:50
Santa Threatens to Cancel Christmas with a Creepy Global Warming Video Aimed at Kids 12/11/2013 13:06
Man Builds Deadly Weapons with Items Bought AFTER Going Through Airport Security - 12/10/2013 20:55
Riot Police Remove Their Helmets in Solidarity With Italian Protesters (video) 12/10/2013 18:26
Metal 3D printing and six key shifts in the 'second industrial revolution' 12/10/2013 01:14
Economic Hitmen and the American Empire with John Perkins - Buzzsaw Interview 12-8-13 12/09/2013 14:05
Hitler Reacts to Campbell Wisconsin Ban On Waving of American Flags 12/09/2013 01:26
New Federal W.T.F. Agency to Regulate Wormholes, Floating Cloud Cities 12/08/2013 20:29
Concrete-Printing Bees And Other Living 3D Printers 12/08/2013 01:15
First 3-D Printed Record is Amazing - Wired (video) 12/07/2013 23:39
Why We All Should Be Whistleblowers - The Dangers of Willful Blindness (TedTalk) 12/07/2013 18:54
“If you’re not catching flak you’re not over the target” 12/07/2013 18:44
Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard 12/07/2013 18:16 Becomes Self-Aware, Introduces 'Don't Share' and 'No Comment' Buttons 12/07/2013 02:29
Vice Presents: The Real Walter White 12/07/2013 01:30
3D print your pizza with the Foodini home printer 12/07/2013 01:26
Bitcoin 'Canary in the Coal Mine' - Matthew Dowd on Bloomberg 12/06/2013 19:14
Put Your Hands In the Air and Step Away From The Baked Goods - Minnesota says 'no' to homemade cookies 12/06/2013 18:31
Bitcoin is Bigger Than Grumpy Cat 12/06/2013 18:03
The History of The English Language in Eleven Minutes or Fewer 12/06/2013 16:15
Personal Record Online Website Transaction Hub for Personal Record Online Website Transactions Interglobal. 12/06/2013 03:07
How to board a train that doesn't stop 12/06/2013 03:02
The Daily Bull-poodypie 12/06/2013 02:12
Centers For Disease Contraction Urges Americans To Suck Doorknob 12/06/2013 01:27
My DP Originals 12/06/2013 01:18
7 Ways to Drain BPA From the Body - Activist Post 12/05/2013 21:35
Bratz Dolls May Give Girls Unrealistic Expectations Of Head Size 12/05/2013 18:49
Concealed Carry, 3D-Printed Guns, and the Undetectable Firearms Act - The Yankee Marshal (video) 12/05/2013 17:27
Stefan Molyneux Animation: Amazon Boobs, Ancient Gods and the End of Evil 12/05/2013 15:33
How to Defeat the Globalists by Dave Hodges 12/05/2013 15:22