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German Judge Bars Family From Immigrating to Country Where Homeschooling is Legal 01/09/2014 17:31
Home Bible Study now illegal in the United States 09/12/2013 07:10
Pastor Authors Book Encouraging Government Leaders to ‘Obey God,’ Resist Tyranny 08/18/2013 00:17
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Issue Clarion Call for Christians to Stand Up and ‘Turn This Country Around’ 08/17/2013 02:12
Silver going nuclear? 08/15/2013 19:09
Corporation of the City of London: "Secret City" 07/31/2013 09:29
Jeb Bush will be the next president of the United States 06/29/2013 16:03
Wow. Just finished reading 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' for the first time! 06/29/2013 15:47
Confusing Question of the Day - North Korea, Iran, Obama and Jay-Z 04/22/2013 03:39
The pivotal point in the upward curve from bondage to liberty is spiritual faith 03/02/2013 22:58
Censorship on the Daily Paul? 02/05/2013 01:58
Confederacy 01/31/2013 19:34
The People vs. Alex Jones 01/25/2013 20:10
Nigel Farage battles nightmare socialist hacks on BBC Question Time 01/21/2013 12:13
I believe the strength of the Liberty movement is in Christ 01/13/2013 00:13
States declare your Independence! 11/07/2012 02:03
Webster Tarpley on Romney's Mormonism 11/04/2012 09:39
Do the Amish have it right? 11/04/2012 09:08
Daily Paul Tv Channel 10/30/2012 22:00
Advice on buying gold/silver in UK 10/26/2012 00:49
Hollywood outs electronic voter fraud in "The Campaign" 10/01/2012 09:48
What Mainers should do now 08/30/2012 06:30
RNC Live Feed? 08/27/2012 09:14
Nobody who stands against Ron Paul's campaign can truly be a Christian 06/14/2012 09:23
Irvin Baxter: New World Order 06/06/2012 14:06
idea for internet voting system 05/26/2012 05:09
So are we still trying to win the Texas Primary? 05/17/2012 11:11
So are we still trying to win the Texas Primary? 05/17/2012 11:09
'Motion to elect a Permanent Chair'! 05/13/2012 10:23
Ron Paul and the Militia movement 05/11/2012 16:24
How do I get an image popping up at the side of my posts, please? 05/11/2012 14:27
Election fraud in primaries? 05/10/2012 13:54
Real Clear Politics delegate count page not showing latest results 04/28/2012 08:49
Please will someone make a digital photo of 'Baritt Obomney'? 04/27/2012 10:59