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Ron Paul Hits Another One Out Of The Park

With last night's debate, my grandfather hit another one out of the park!

Yes, this is Ron Paul at the Congressional All-Star Game back in the 1970s.

At first, I was not sure how to react to last night's debate because there is a lot of emotion involved for me. (as I am sure for others as well) After taking a few moments to collect my thoughts and stop pacing around my house, I saw the Fox News text message poll. As you know, my grandfather was leading with 30% early on.

When I saw that, it gave me great faith in the American people. We the people were able to see through the smokescreen that Fox News and Rudy Giulani were trying to create. The American people are waking up to realize that our foreign policy does, in fact, affect the way we are looked at and treated by the outside world.

We can no longer afford, in dollars or lives, to continue trying to police the entire world. My grandfather made me understand this very clearly about three years ago when he used the same analagy that he used last night in the debate. He asked me, "What do you think the American people would do if China sailed into the Gulf of Mexico with submarines and naval destroyers and landed at Houston, New Orleans, Mobile, and Tampa Bay to establish military bases? Of course, they are doing this all in the attempt to spread communism to the rest of the world."

I laughed, and said that some pretty drastic measures would be taken by American people to get them out of our land. He asked, "Is this any different from what Middle Easterners feel about the United States in the Persian Gulf?"

I have always known that what my grandfather says makes sense. I am glad that the rest of America is finally getting a chance to understand this as well.

Keep up the good work. Keep fighting, talking, emailing, blogging, and calling the main stream media to persuade them to give him a fair and balanced portrayal.

Put a Ron Paul bumper sticker on your car. Put a Ron Paul poster up around your town. Put a yard sign in your yard or on your property.

Freedom is coming if we keep up the battle.

Thank you,
Matt Pyeatt

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He's the same now as he was then...

I first heard about Ron Paul shortly after his Libertarian candidacy.

I remember getting about the last 30 seconds of a radio talk show (the only time I ever called in to a show) and we discussed rights and constitutional money.

It is no surprise to me that Ron's explanation of the issue of 9/11 left the schoolies (by schoolies I aver to fish travelling in schools. They react to sensory stimuli but they can't be said to be thinking at all.) bewildered and without a coherent response. That is because their position was acheived without critical thought or examination of the facts and therefor lacks substance (relies wholly on emotion).

The results of the polls (both the restrictive and, to me, inaccessible, text poll and the open web-based polls) showed that there are MANY people who agree with Ron and it seems after witnessing this for the second time in a row, there are a great many more who appreciate the truth and the pricipled stand than the schoolies had reckoned would do so. They never intended to take Ron seriously and now they are forced to react. Good thinking!

Now they have no choice but to attempt to exclude Ron from debates, because he will whip them every time and they know it!

I think this will also backfire (BLOWBACK) on them. As more people are aware of Ron's stand, his fealty to the constitution, the value of the constitution and the honesty and integrity of his ways, they realize that the only rational choice is to support Ron. If they are half as pleased as I am, they will participate in ways and in magnitude more than ever before.

This is the first time I have ever contributed money to a presidential candidate and I plan to participate fully in this election, events, hand-outs etc.

We need Ron Paul. The parties abandoned us a long time ago. Actually I think it would be more accurate to say that they took us for granted and began their long train of abuses against us, our rights, our property and our birthright - a very long time ago.

Let's put them out right now and bolt the door!

Yay RON!

Rich Laplante
Merrimack NH

This has been a great day

This has been a great day for the campaign. I've been to so many sites trying to vote in polls and post comments. Every place I've been Dr. Paul is being praised by nearly 100% of commentors, even at the NY Times and Washington Post sites.

As mentioned in the above article, I agree that it is important to, over and over again, ask Americans to stand in the shoes of the Iraqis and consider how we'd feel if we were invaded "for our own good" by another country who began to construct enormous permanent military bases and government buildings while systematically destroying our nation's infrastructure and seizing control of our natural resources.

Joe Naab

Dr Paul did great!

Dr. Paul did a great job at the debate. I am just astonished that the "new-school Republicans" are all so clueless about the real reasons why thd terrorists do what they do. I've been using the China analogy for a while myself and have found that it helps people see what's going on. I always tell people "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". There's always two sides to the story.

Keep up the good work Dr. Paul. No need to get discouraged, you're doing great!

Youtube video of Hannity announcing that Paul leads the poll

Average annual amount of the congressional pension in which Ron Paul declines to participate: $50,000

Entry fee paid by Ron Paul to enter the SC Republican presidential primary: $25,000

Sean Hannity's expression as he announces that Ron Paul leads in the FOX News "who won the debate" poll: priceless

A Veteran for Ron Paul


Like your grandfather, I proudly served in the United States Air Force and recently retired after completing a 22-year military career. I imagine your father must get discouraged at times that many retired generals and other officers against the Iraq war are rallying to others instead of supporting your grandfather's leadership on this critical issue.

I'm fed up with political leaders from both parties who blindly send our military forces into harm's way into no-win wars with no vision of victory or a constitutional declaration of war to rally national resolve. Ron Paul has done more to "support the troops" than any of the other Republican or Democratic presidential candidates that wrap themselves around the flag while shirking their constitutional responsibilities.

I've followed your grandfather's career over the years and I've always admired him for taking the tough stands, no matter how unpopular they may be at the time. I've never been prouder to support anyone running for any political office during my lifetime. I hope other military veterans--active duty, reserve, national guard, and retired, will wake up and support your grandfather. Please thank him for his service to our nation. He is a genuine hero.


I don't particularly like Glen Beck. But at least he gave the Rev Al Sharpton a fair shake. Hopefully he'll give Dr Paul the same courtesy....


Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


Glenn Beck appearance cancelled.

Apparently he has agreed to go on CNN with Wolf Blitzer at 5:10.

I first saw this on Ron Paul Rescue Us

Some of my favorite quotes, by Cicero, over 2000 years old, some things never change.

-Freedom is a possession of inestimable value.
-Endless money forms the sinews of war.
-Freedom suppressed again, and again regained, bites with keener fangs tha

Debate debacle


I met your grandfather when he was campaigning in Iowa. I got to shake his hand, and although I was already an admirer of his I got to see firsthand what a genuine person he truly is. I already have a self made bumper sticker on my truck, spread the word about him whenever I get the chance, and when I receive solicitations from credit card companies I send them back a Ron Paul brochure using their return envelope (no stamp needed).

I haven't seen the whole video of the debate last night, only the exchange between Ron and Rudy Giulani. I can't help but admit that it made me furious to see Giulani attack your grandfather's remarks. It infuriated me even more when he asked that he retract his statement, as if Ron Paul is the type of person that would have done so.

I just wanted to give my opinion on one of the statements you made, "When I saw that, it gave me great faith in the American people. We the people were able to see through the smokescreen that Fox News and Rudy Guiliani were trying to create. The American people are waking up to realize that our foreign policy does, in fact, affect the way we are looked at and treated by the outside world."

I keep hearing that the American people are waking up to the truth and the corruption in our current administration. I keep hoping that it's true. That's why I was so totally astounded by the applause by the audience after Rudy Giulani's exchange with your grandfather. If that was an indication of the American people waking up, then they must have had all of the people that are still sleeping in the crowd. I was embarrassed for them. How can anyone have not taken Ron's statements to be the logical truth as to what is happening to our country, and the reason most of the world despises us for our intervention policies? How can anyone not say they adore the idea of another country committing the atrocities on our soil, that our country has been committing against others for years?

It just makes me wonder what the true mind set of the American people really is. Please give my regards and support to your grandfather.

Tom Seemuth
Iowa City, IA


Faux News may have had their trained seals in the audience last night (who will bark and slap their flippers together at the utter mention of the words "911" by Rudy McRomney) but the American people were slapping their flippers together for Ron. He showed unwavering courage in standing up for what is right and refusing to back down, Rudy only came across as being an ignoramus trying to get in his "911" soundbyte (honestly, anyone wishing to be commander-in-cheif in a time of "war" should have a better grasp of who we are fighting and why they declared war on us in the first place, Rudy of all people should have some concept of this, he only hurt himself with his outburst and propelled Ron into the media spotlight, it was a great opportunity for Ron to shine and he did not miss it). As for the post-debate treatment by Mr Hannity, I suggested to Mr Hannity in an email that the viewers don't mind him taking up a contradicting viewpoint (that is the essence of debate) but when he asks a guest a question and doesn't give them a chance to answer (by continuing to run his mouth for 30 seconds and then cutting off for commercial break ) that's not Hannity and Colmes interviewing the candidates and letting them explain their position in more detail, that's just Sean Hannity being an ass on National TV. The mainstream media has their usual "spin" on the truth but polls are indicating that the people aren't buying it this time around (the look on Hannitys face when he had to announce Ron was leading their own text poll for most of the evening was yet another priceless moment), all of Faux's attempts to nudge Ron out if the race totally backfired, his popularity surges with every debate... GO RON GO!

Spirits up!

Dear Matt,

I hope your grandfather knows how many of us were leaping to our feet for him last night. I imagine it would be difficult for any sensible person to really grasp constant and impassioned support--there is always room for doubt. But hopefully it'll sink in, and he'll learn not to worry. That's the difference between supporting him and supporting any other candidate; once you know he's out there, there's no other choice.


It's time for President Paul

It's time for President Paul

mlpyeatt's picture

Thank You

Thank you for your kind words. I will be sure and share them with him this weekend when I see him.


Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt

How are Dr Paul's spirits?

That was quite an exchange. I fear that Fox has already casted Dr Paul in a negative light and we now have to play defense.

I'm just curious on a personal level, how he is doing? It is very hard to tow this line sometimes. I'm sure I'll now take some flack from people for my Ron Paul bumper stickers. They usually elicit a "who is he?". Now I'll probably get "Oh he's that .. So and so".

I just wonder if Dr Paul REALLY wants to take on this fight? This is just a taste of the hatred he is going to illicit.

I respect your grandfather TO MUCH, to see him put through this kind of torture. I think the country is too far gone to hear his message anymore.

Please tell him that we are ALL very proud of his performance yesterday.

PS: Tell him to go look at the screen shots of Shawn Hannity when they first annouced that Ron Paul was first in the polling. IT'S PRICELESS... It came about 2 minutes after he was bashing Dr Paul for basically not being a conservative..

LOL funny as hell

Robert NW ohio

Robert NW Ohio
"The freedom tree is watered by the blood of both patriots and tyrants alike".........."time to water the tree"..Authors Unkn


link to Hannity screenshots?

does anyone have a link with pics of the Hannity/Paul exchange? I'm at work and can't use sound, so I'd prefer pics... video works too, I'll just mute.

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RP's spirit

In response to your question, I just spoke with my sisters who were at the debate last night in South Carolina. My two sister, two cousins and my grandmother were there to support him at the debate and I caught them right before they got on the plane to return home to Texas.
They said that right after the debate, he was down. However, he had not seen any of the polls nor did he know how the public had perceived his performance. I believe he feared the worstl.
But, we text messaged my sisters last night with the results of the Fox News poll, and they told him. This made him much more confident before conducting interviews after the debate. I believe this is what got him ready for the interview with S. Hannity. He has never liked Hannity, and if you noticed, he wouldn't look at him. He started the interview by only looking at Colmes until Hannity asked him a direct question.
Then, they attended a rally with supporters after the event. The big RV with RON PAUL REVOLUTION was there and the supporters were very inspiring to him. He is often revived and inspired when he is around his supporters.
All in all, long story short, he was nervous to see how people would react to the debate, but he was relieved to hear the poll results and that people were not fooled by Faux News or Giuliani.

Matt Pyeatt

Matt Pyeatt

We love you Ron Paul, chin up, Rudy should withdraw his statemen


I have met your Grandfather and believe that he is a great man.

I was so proud of the way he handled the inapproriate and uninformed attack by the uber fascist Rudy. The whole debate was a fascist love in with all the candidates debating to see who would torture the most, kill the fastest and generally wreak havoc in the world on behalf of the military-industrial complex. Even Romney, whom I know, and personally like, vows to double Guantanamo. UGH. How these views square with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Ten Commandments, the Geneva Conventions or any of theother standards developed over thousands of years of human misery is totally lost on the Republicans. They are going to disappear as a party if they do not change direction. Of course the Democrats are worse. What a sad state of affairs. Even the set up for the last question by Fox was patterned after the TV Show 24 and was designed to scare the American people into accepting the fascist state that the neocons would so love to make us become. Haven't any of these people read the history of Germany in the 1930's? Have any of these people really read the Constitution?

I hope your Grandfather can hang in there, we are all rooting for him and other Americans will too once they become more informed. It was a tough attack but Ron handled it well. He should be enormously proud and should continue to stand tall. I have made my donations and added the bumper sticker. If there is anything else I can do to help him let me know.


PS: The web may flatten this system. I am really encouraged by the activity on line. The networks, newspapers and political parties are all dinosaurs and it is clear that they will one day be extinct. The sooner the better.

God bless Ron Paul

Paul on Wolf Blitzer CNN tonight 5:10 EST.

55 minutes from now, hopefully he will get a chance to speak

Truth wins in the end

Although the end may be a long time coming and it is easy to get worn down.

The founders had no chance, yet trusted in Divine Providence.

Everyone who knows anything about foreign policy said Paul nailed it. Especially when he countered the hypothetical shopping mall attacks with the reality of Bin Laden in nuclear-armed Pakistan which we are sending money to.

They asked about conservatism and what being a republican means, yet look at spending when the GOP controlled both houses and the presidency (even exclusive of the war). Reagan would not recognize the current party. He left the democrats when it became corrupt, but the grass roots want someone honest.

If you could, the only issue I cannot counter is his thoughts on creation v.s. evolution, though I have some ideas about education. Some of the right-wing are annoyed he didn't raise his hand when asked "who doesn't believe in evolution" in the first debate. Of course it depends on what you mean by "evolution" - darwinism and eugenics? Natural selection? An issue paragraph or two, perhaps within the context of education or his profession as a doctor and such from Dr. Paul would be appreciated. I mainly ask this because Dr. Paul usually has an informed, intelligent and nuanced view, so the are you for/against questions usually don't get to the heart of the matter.