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The Daily Paul is like a giant electronic billboard on the side of the global information superhighway

The Daily Paul will be four years old on January 19th, and just four years prior, a site like this would have been nearly impossible for an individual to create.

In the early 2000’s, websites were completely static. They were simply broadcasts, devoid of any intereactivity, other than the ability email the webmaster. Strange to think, but a decade ago, there was no YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, and one would have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to custom program a site like the Daily Paul.

Someone recently emailed me with the news that they'd secured a great domain name, and asked if I had any tips on a cheap and easy way to make it into a website like the Daily Paul, or better yet, if I'd like to help. It is not an uncommon for me to receive requests like that. I told him that I was sorry to break it to him, but that running a site like this is neither easy nor cheap. It is, for me, a 24/7 commitment.

To someone without experience in technology or in running a website, it must look easy. Easy as making water appear from your kitchen faucet. You just turn it on - what’s the big deal? Or as Arthur C. Clarke put it, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

But the magic of this site is not just the technology, but the people. Ron Paul brought us together, but it is the people that make this site special. The DP would not be here without you, regardless of your level of participation. And without the help of my crack team of volunteer moderators (the DP Mod Squad), this site would be overrun with spam and awash in flame wars in a matter of days. Without the programming expertise provided by Jaspreet Singh of Digitivity, the site would have ground to a halt long ago, tangled up in its own code. DPer Joη has contributed enhancements to the site that you have already seen, and more that we'll be rolling out soon. Marc Pope of Falcon Internet generously donates the dedicated server that powers the DP, and last year, the DP community bought a second second one in preparation for the coming onslaught of traffic.

As I hope you see, this site is a giant community project. It is not a faceless corporate profit machine, but a unique and special place of people. But there is one person that holds it all together, managing the personalities, the posts, the comments, the technology, the spammers and the flamers. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but that's the way it is. As Jaron Lanier eloquently puts it in, You Are Not a Gadget, "The places that work online always turn out to be the beloved projects of individuals, not the automated aggregations of the cloud." (p. 72)

Here's a look at some key statistics of the Daily Paul, provided by you, all in support of Ron Paul and the message of Liberty.

  • First post: 1/21/2007
  • Total number of posts to date: 153,769 (and counting)
  • Total number of comments: 1,625,351
  • Number of registered users: 32,133
  • Average number of daily visits: 22,729
    Daily page views: 43,219
  • Total number of visits since site inception: 42,403,507
  • Total pageviews: 85,130,455
  • Global traffic ranking (Alexa): 13,205 (i.e. 13,205th most popular site in the world!, out of literally millions!)
  • U.S. traffic ranking (Alexa): 3,665 (i.e. 3,665th most popular site in the U.S. )
  • Google page result for search term "Ron Paul:" 1
  • Google page result for search term "Ron Paul 2012:" 1
See the Chipin Page
for accurate totals

Now do you see what I see, the giant electronic Ron Paul billboard on the side of the global information superhighway that is the Daily Paul? It is here, serving up a dose of Liberty to thousands of visitors from all over the world 24/7/365. Dr. Paul inspired us, brought us together, and communicated the Message. You’re the ones writing it; I’m the one making sure that the billboard stays clean and brightly lit and doesn’t get vandalized or blown down by the wind.

Whether Ron Paul runs for president in 2012 or not, it is my intention to keep the DP going strong, for as long as possible. But I cannot do it without you. Because of recent legal action against me, I’m in a financial jam. There are still some things that I can't go into publicly, for reasons I can’t discuss. If you want to hear the full story, I'm putting it together into a private report that I'll be email out to anyone who donates at least $5.

The total goal for this fundraising operation, is $7,500 to cover legal expenses. Please use the chipin link, or see the DP's donation page for the snail mail address. Whether I reach that goal or not, I will still need to come up with ways to sustainably fund this project in the future. If you have any ideas, please feel free to email me, and thank you, always and forever, for your support.

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BKV, you're a bitter person

Send a big fat check or I'll ban you forever. In fact, send 2 and dot any i's with little portraits of Ron Paul.

Michael Nystrom's picture


About 6 hours a day most days, a lot of days more than 6. Seven days a week. And if Ron Paul runs again, that'll be up to 12hours - at least that's what it was last time.

The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to check to see if the Daily Paul is even still here.

As you have pointed out, "parts of isupportronpaul.com & revolutionaryposters.com appear to have exploits/hacks/virus, please fix it."

Yes, that is what happens when you don't pay attention to a website. They get hacked. And if I stopped paying extremely careful attention to the DP, that is what would happen to this site as well. It would long ago have broken down and stopped functioning.

And please fix it? With all due respect, who are you to tell me what to do with my websites? I appreciate you pointing it out, but those sites are not high priorities, and I'll get to them when I have the time. Those sites are hosted on separate servers, so there is no danger to the Daily Paul. Right now we've got other priorities with the recent software upgrade of the Daily Paul.

Either your site is a revenue to you, and you shouldn't complain. Or your site is a burden to you, and you can hand it to another person who has more time, more patience, and hopefully more money. It can't be both!

Really? It can't be both? I guess you've never had a minimum wage job. The DP is my job. (And I'm not complaining. Sorry you took it that way.)

And hand it to another person? What on earth are you talking about?! Are you a freaking socialist!? A project that I worked on for 4 years, which has been a huge benefit to this community, to Ron Paul, to the Liberty movement, and you think that I should just "hand it to someone else with more money?"

With all due respect, that has got to be the most idiotic thing I have ever heard today. I really have a hard time understanding that. Why should a site like, which benefits a huge number of people, have to be subsidized by a single person's pocket? The point I tried to make in the post above, to allow others to see, is that I'm simply trying to spread the burden of its maintenance.

The site brings me a subsistence level income from the advertising. It is not enough for me to put any away into savings, or to reinvest in the site. I don't own a house. I was sued for $75,000. Guess what? I don't have anywhere near $75,000. I was without health insurance for the past several months.

Why don't you hear about that? Because it is embarrassing. And it is embarrassing for me to have to ask for money. I don't want to burden the community with those kinds of details, so I try to say it all with winks and nods. At the same time, I know I'm better off than many others in this community, which also makes it difficult for me to ask.

The Daily Paul pokes along - it could be much bigger and better, and that is something I'm committed to making happen this year. When I got sued, I realized that I'm out here on my own, and I had better take this seriously. I realized that I can't keep subsidizing this project that everyone enjoys like free tap water from their faucet.

And so far, I have been extremely heartened by the response and generosity of this community. I believe in this community, and it apparently believes in me.

And FYI, the programmer is not a volunteer; I am paying him, and I have no problem with that. I believe people should be paid for work that they do. I've tried to find volunteer programmers, and believe me, that does not work. I would like to pay the moderators as well, because that is a hard job.

Either this site will survive through the generosity of the community or it won't. If you don't think it is worth a few bucks of your money, to keep this POWERHOUSE of a website, broadcasting Ron Paul, Freedom & Liberty 24/7/365 to all comers internationally, well that's up to you. I certainly can't force you to. I can't force anyone to.

I can only ask.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify a few things in my response.

He's the man.

"Please fix it" is out of

"Please fix it" is out of respect for your visitors who may not be computer literate and become innocent victims of viruses. I don't care that much about it, I am not telling you what to do, if you don't want to fix it, it'll hurt some of your visitors, but ultimately you (not me).

Glad to know you're not complaining. I apologize I misunderstood you. Yes, I've had minimum wage jobs, I've had commission only jobs. I've done volunteer work too. I've lived well under minimum wage for almost a year during 2007. Did I prefer it? No, but had I anybody to blame? Nope.

I know you were sued for $75,000. I am not aware though, that anybody actually lost and was forced to pay $75,000.

I am sorry that you find it embarassing, but for me, it helps to know some of the details. And when you ask "should" a site be funded by a single person's pocket, I wouldn't say necessarily, but if it can, what's the problem?

I am not asking you, or anybody to be the single funder. I was just saying that's a possible way if others fail, it's not always "all or nothing".

Michael Nystrom's picture

I know you were sued for

I know you were sued for $75,000. I am not aware though, that anybody actually lost and was forced to pay $75,000.

No, I didn't pay Righthaven $75,000. I didn't pay them a cent. But I did spend many thousands of dollars on the defense of myself, and this site. I lost many thousands more in revenue because I spent so much time researching the issues and the avenues available to me. Are you familiar with the term opportunity cost?

Ever been sued? It sucks more than you can possibly imagine.

You're right about those sites though; I'll take them down directly. I don't want others to be infected with viruses. Someday, the same thing might just happen with the this site, too. It might just become too much trouble for me to bother with.

He's the man.

No. I have personally not

No. I have personally not been sued, but yes I (think I) can imagine it from what I've heard from people.

Yes, I AM familiar with opportunity cost and punitive damages. (I hope somebody's considering countersuing Righthaven just for harassment. Based on the fact somebody can be rewarded $8M for suing a collections agency, Google "Chrystal Snow" "Midland Funding")

Should never be?

It is never an embarrassment when a person dedicates his life and hard efforts towards a cause or idea that will have positive end results for everyone.Sometimes a team captain has to call on the team to help complete a goal.Thank you Sir for picking us to be on your team.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

Difficult to soar with the eagles

when you're stuck battling the turkeys, eh Michael!!!

Great response.

Like you, I have been very heartened by the vast majority of positive and enthusiastic responses, and the LACK of cynical ones. As you say, at least it allowed you to think out your position and get rid of uneasiness and guilt, and get more focused. (At least the turkeys provide a good meal from time to time)!

Keep up the good work and I hope this year brings you much success.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

As for me 3 years, 30 weeks

OK, I haven't been around as much as when Dr. Paul was running, and in the months that followed. But I love this site and am glad that so many people are waking up to Dr. Paul and his message of freedom.

Good on ye, Michael.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Hi zenpiper!

Long time no see! How is life treating you down in your part of the world. Good, I would imagine, since we haven't seen you around much.

Hope all is well, nice to hear from you again.

He's the man.

I'm grateful this is your "beloved project"

I received an e-mail in March of 2007 from liberty loving Michael Benoit (he's run twice here against neo-con Ducan Hunter for Congress). Benoit's letter asked me to check out Ron Paul. I thought, "Oh yeah, I voted for him in 1988! He's great, how can I keep up on him?" So I set a Google Alert to my e-mail for "Ron Paul". ONE website came up with several articles daily... DAILYPAUL. I stopped my Google Alerts and went straight to DP every single day, several times a day since.
Thank you Michael N. for all your hard work. I'm sending cash by snail mail!

Michael Nystrom's picture


I love your username.

Thank you for the story, I love it!!!

He's the man.

Thank you Michael!

I just donated through your chip-in, (long overdue and I am sorry) as I don't have paypal anymore. Thank you for everything you have done and are doing. Much love to you and your family, and I am so grateful for you and The Daily Paul and all of the dear Daily Paul family.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Many thanks gratefulgraft

I am grateful for your graft.

He's the man.

evening bump

Daily Paul -- heart & home of the rEVOLution!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

SteveMT's picture

Remember this post?: DP #29 on Top 100 Conservative Websites


The best statement about this post was that we are not conservative, and in addition, we are not #29 either.

No one, I repeat, no one has a website like this one, state of the art technology and innovations continuing to evolve as we blog. The critical mass of intelligentsia on the Daily Paul has no rivals on the web.

Combine a bunch of computer geeks with a bunch of really smart individuals from all walks of life and professions, who all support Liberty and Ron Paul and you get the Daily Paul. The computers gurus put this website together, and they keep it together, so that everyone can contribute to the pursuit of the truth.

The more time I spend here, the more awestruck I am at just how well this communication among us continues to happen 24/7. I don't ever take the DP for granite.

ecorob's picture

this website is where...

Liberty fought back against the corruption and greed that attempted to ruin our great Nation...

this is where evil was exposed and a brilliant light was shone upon the truth

thank you, Michael!

who among us can not give just a little to help?

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you ecorob

For some reason your signature line always reminds me of that Dylan song, the one that goes (in part)

Oh, the does will rise
with the sleep still in their eyes
and they'll jerk from their beds and think they're dreamin'

But they'll pinch themselves and they'll squeal
And they'll know that its for real
The hour that the ship comes in...

Here's a little clip from 'I'm Not There'

He's the man.

Hel;p! I will to all dp'ers

Hi Micheal Nystrom and dp'ers

There are a lot of good things to do out there and lots of good things to try and change and make our country better. Mike I will for you if you invest 2000 of the amount with me I will give you $400 per month for one year plus I will give you back your original 2000 for a total of 6800 so in 5 months you would have your 2000 back. you may go to my website inves.homestead.com for other options.

For dp'ers I will do as low as 300 invest at 10% per month. So each of you may have more to donate to getting Ron Paul or the one he endorses to be president of the uSA.

all funds are back by gold. Just write in the box you are a dp'er. I know some will say this is a quack but I have been in business for many years and you may call the BBB better business bureau and check and see if any complaints have been filed against me. My business is CPI of GF since 1997.

I have been trying to get my state bank of north dakota and the legislators to change some laws and get the bank to be solid in gold and silver reserves. And there by make every person in North Dakota 2 times richer than they are now. Plus be able to help all other states out too. This is not an easy task.

Take care God bless

May GOD Bless each and everyone.
I pray that God may see that Ron Paul will not be hurt or wounded, that he may become our next full two term President of the united States of America!

Git R Dun

Just put my "two cents" worth in. Get busy folks. It's Friday and PAYDAY. Share the wealth.

Thank You Michael and everyone who makes this all possible. Ron Paul for:
President or
Federal Reserve Chairman or....

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you


He's the man.

GET back up there!


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

ytc's picture

chipin accurate counter says: $ 2000 raised as of 11:18 am PST!

5500 to go fellows. elviejo, our captain-fundraiser, wants 1750 more before the weekend.

ok, time to run towards the goal. . . (I'm not sure if our snail-mail will reach MN before the weekend, though. well, well. . . we try)


you should get mine in the mail today.

My suggestion - change your Amazon link to the way Lew Rockwell has it on his front page - the link goes directly to Amazon and it's high on the page and big. It is easier to use and more prominent.

Love to all you free people.

Ron Paul 2012

Michael Nystrom's picture

Thank you Lao Tzua

I got it in the mail today, along with your lovely card, and the high compliment. No return address though, mystery man. I wanted to send you a card. Email me if you'd like a beautiful, hand addressed Daily Paul thank you postcard.

He's the man.
Michael Nystrom's picture


I put the Amazon link on the main menu bar, at your suggestion. See it, at the end of the menu? I'll put another graphic up there as well.

He's the man.