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despite popular opinion, they are not omniscient,
and the site owner needn't be contacted about everything.
Joη likes suggestions along the lines of "I wish the site could    ?   ."
Note: this is not the "front page x" or "please post x" or "let's keep arguing unrelated subject x" box.
The "mod" in the post title stands for either "modification" or "moderator".

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Please consider guests landing on a DailyPaul search result.

DailyPaul often shows up in search results due to comments of interest. The search might include "audit" & "Davy Crockett" for example. If the search words are not currently on the first page, the searcher is still searching.

What do you recommend next?

Could there be a hint as to where the comment may be found?

What I do is reload each page of the forum with 999 comments viewed... repeating until I find my sought after treasure.

Personal puzzle: How does this member conclude his remarks?

This poor, hard of understanding member has exceeded the easy search range of a few comments per page.

DailyPaul's most prolific writers are the hardest to search. Please, let us solve this puzzle.

DailyPaul has the good fortune of heavy traffic; let us provide good search results when folks land here. Meaning, when they find what they are looking for is here, oblige them by showing them the comment that drew them here. Lest they don't return.

Imagine searching Babe Ruth's Homerun Record, only to find:

  • The first 20 homeruns each season?
  • Search again & again for each record he set?

Without slowing each page load, let us retrieve relevant parts of our content when searched. Search requires resolution. It does not require slowing everyone down.

Google & Yahoo! manage the world's queries of the World-Wide-Web, often in a fraction of a second. DailyPaul can certainly resolve searches properly sub-second.

Some of the simplier items to address this puzzle are to seek consistancy on popular presentations of our content.

  • MyPosts (no easy path to next page; no 999 max)
  • My Comments (ditto; & no reference to new replies)
  • ReplyWatcher (different)
    /user/29229... page=35; doesn't show up as URL
  • Tracker (different)
    /user/29229/track?page=47 (page=47 shows up as URL)

These & other common list queries would be better with consistent presentation of what is commonly used by members.

  • Invention?
  • Or is the task just row & column presentation?
  • Navigation & selection?
    • Top or bottom? Frist? Last? Max page? All?

Thank you.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul