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The right-to-life vote & its obstacles

I consider Nat'l Right-to-Life to be very luke warm, they've earned that opinion. They, for some reason, endorsed Fred Thompson & didn't touch Ron Paul w/ a ten foot pole. Everyone I've asked about it has been opinion-less except to say it wasn't their decision to make. It could be that the state right-to-life chapter isn't affiliated w/ Nat'l RTL & they don't even take a position on birth control!

Some better groups, if you ask me, are direction action, such as Pro-Life Action League of Chicago, whos founder, Joe Scheidler has the record for going to the US Supreme Court, 3 times! American Life League, Life Dynamics, Operation Rescue, yes its still around, Randall Terry is still around, although operating under different names, Human life International, and there is a small outfit in Baltimore called Defend Life. These people do real street action & have actually stopped women from having abortions. There is also the Pro Life Action Center in Washington DC who has a good staff but I'm not sure what their daily operations are.

The people who go to the right-to-life march in WDC usually do not have National Right to Life as the only group they support. I called them right-to-life in name only, 1 of their staffers even had the nerve to tell me it was none of my business who they were voting for. Don't they know they don't decide what my business is?

You should not limit the right-to-life vote to just abortions, b/c plenty of men & women are post-abortive & are speaking up about it, which is what the silent no more campaign is all about. Thats a vote base, the parents of the 30 million babies who've been aborted since roe v. wade, most of which regret their abortions whether they admit it or not. don't overlook this, immigration & abortion are intrinsically tied, right-to-life doesn't always win an election, but immigration can. Illegal immigration has replaced some of the population thats been lost to abortion so you don't look around you & see theres a population gap b/c its been aborted.

The right-to-life vote should be obtainable, & Nat'l right to life should responsibly give RP an endorsement, but you might have to work through those other groups, in a legitimate way to make sure we have it. Don't fall into the crap that abortion has to be legal in rape & incest cases. Thats very insulting to the women who have carried those pregnancies how few & far between they are to term & ANYONE can say that. That is an argument that is used, when no other 1 works to keep abortion legal and it needs to end! I cannot figure out why a woman will carry her husbands child to term & not a rapists. Pregnancy happens the same way. If she doesn't say anything to anybody people will just assume its her husbands child.

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