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TODAY: 'Blue Republican' on Iowa Radio

I will be joining Iowa Democrat Ed Fallon on his radio show Fallon Forum TODAY, Friday(22nd) at 2pm(Central) to discuss encouraging anti-war advocates regardless of party to vote for Ron Paul in the Ames Straw Poll and Iowa Caucus. Listen live if you are in the Des Moines area on 98.3, live stream on the website www.983wowfm.com and/or call it to join the conversation: (866) 908-TALK.

I need the support of callers, especially if you are a non-republican in Iowa. The host is very favorable to the idea, but in the past callers have not been, so call in your support.

Ed Fallon is a prominent Iowa Dem who is a former state Representative, and former candidate for congress and governor.

I am a Iowa libertarian who ran for state house last year, as well as a medical student and Paul supporter. I started the site Republican for a Day, advocating exactly what Robin Koerner discussed in his article about 'Blue Republicans', before it became popular.

Thanks All!