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Politico Frustrated at being Called Out, Switches to Slander

ht tp://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/61555.html
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This is really disgusting. The attack is transparent to the skeptical viewer, but unfortunately the average reader is not skeptical and after reading the list of flimsy but unquestioned evidence, the Paul defense in the last sentence will look like empty rationalization. If one reads the article closely, one will see that Jesse Benton's defense is exquisite in its reasonableness and adequacy.

We need to get Benton's defense spread out there ASAP! Though every political reporter knows the emptiness of these attacks, as soon as the other MSM outlets see that Politico has no objection to resurrecting revolting lies, they are sure to follow suit. The most cowardly will reference the Politico article to avoid their own responsibility for spreading previously-debunked rumors.

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