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My very first post

Greeting my fellow Ron Paul Supporters.

After reading this forum for many years, I am very excited to finally share my thoughts and join the discussions with my brothers and sisters in liberty..

Let me start with making few important points.

1. National polls. Based on the latest national polls, RP is in third place with about 10% of the vote, behind Perry who has about 30% and Romney with about 20%. We shouldn't pay much attention to these numbers and here is why
A. Going into Iowa straw polls, RP was

polling at 16%. his real straw poll's numbers were close to 27%. That's 11% difference. There are many ways to look at why the numbers don't match, but regardless of why, I believe the same difference holds for the nation wide polls as it was in Iowa. Therefore RP's real polling numbers should be at 20%. That puts him in a second place or even in a close 3 way statistical tie.
B. If Dr. Paul wins 2 out of the first early primaries, IA, NH, NC, NV, and maybe come 2nd in the other two, he will become a front runner regardless of what the MSM wants. I personally think that Dr. Paul can win NV ( which he won in 2008) and NH ( I believe he came in second in 2008), maybe IA too. After the early primaries, most of the real attention goes to the election, and most people start looking at the winners to pick their candidate. RP will capture huge support, especially after most of the other contenders drop the race.
C. When it comes to national polls, the only poll that matter now is who can beat Obama. Based on latest polls, RP CAN beat him, even without the media exposure that he deserves. Once he get's few wins, he will raise above them all and above Obama. The choice will be clearer for most Republicans who want to beat Obama.
2. Debates: Dr. Paul has his own style in debates, and he wins supporters with his style. All he needs to do is to slap one contenders on the face in each debate. So far he has done a good job in exposing Perry, and educating Santorum. The others are trying to sound like him, like Gingrich just said on TV, charities should take care of the hypothetical 30 old man and not the government. But Dr. Paul will outshine them all because he is the only authentic person on the stage and people can see that.
3. Debate videos: I am amazed how quickly the debate gets dissected and all Dr. Pauls segment gets posted here within a very short time. That is great. I ask if we can take this one more step and have other candidate's segments also. In many cases, the candidates make remarkable mistakes and the MSM hides these and never bring them up. If we have them here, we can always share them on our social networks and give the creative minds of the DP community to edit and make all kinds of video's for RP and against others. Without being negative, just by presenting facts and statements they said in debates.
4. Finally, I just want to say this forum ROCKS.. I am excited to be here and look forwards to share many discussions and thoughts with all of you liberty lovers.

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Welcome aboard!

Yeah poll numbers do come with intrinsic inaccuracies. The statistical analysis done by pollsters do try to take into consideration these inaccuracies through variance and standard deviation, which is why there is always a margin of error included.

But still, these relatively small sample sizes (even if pollsters have many predictor variables that they take into consideration as well) aren't great reflections of the current shift in the political spectrum. Most especially, if pollsters just use the same old tired calling lists that they have used in poll after poll after poll (i.e. not acquiring new phone numbers to which to poll). If these same old calling lists are recycled over and over again, then one would expect not much change in the poll numbers for RP.

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May you live long and prosper and vote for and support RP and liberty many times.

Be of good cheer, the best is yet to come. The days of the micro-managing bureaucratic forces are beginning their decline and eventual demise.

Hoping that you serve well and with distinction :)

btw, welcome to the Order of the Wolverine lol


Great Info!

Post more and often, get in the action!

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The national polls...

tend to be party member rolls and landlines (old people -- no offense to old people.. I am one.. well almost... AARP sent me a membership form) :p

Congrats on your first post. Very well done! :)

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Glad you posted, because I

Glad you posted, because I liked it, and hope we get lots of new posters. Welcome!


Good to have another join the cause!

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New Blood

Always welcome.

(It took me almost 14 months to officially 'hang out' here.)

Welcome aboard- all

Welcome aboard- all enthusiasm for Liberty is welcomed here

Carter, Athens GA



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