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We Buried Sean Hannity's Ratings Online Last Week - Let's Keep It Going

We crushed Sean Hannity's ratings on Friday and to all of you who participated, I want to thank you for helping me out. I had no idea the response would be that big. For all 3 hours that Sean Hannity was on the air, he was knocked out of the number 1 spot that he has held on to for years.

After seeing last Friday's huge success, I want to propose that we put together an organized effort moving forward. We have an opportunity to squash the ratings of the phony conservative talk show hosts and dominate the online talk radio listenership.

If we do this on a daily basis, then when next month's rating report comes out, we will begin to see a drastic change in the numbers that these hosts are getting. Imagine the reaction we will see when Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Levin are suddenly no longer at the top of the ratings and we see hosts like Doyle, Jones and Schiff at the top..... They won't know what hit them

I need some suggestions from you on who would be good to support in the different time slots. I suggest that we monitor http://www.TalkStreamLive.com tomorrow and find the shows that are on at the same time that the phony conservative shows are live. If there is a time slot that doesn't have a clear choice, then we need to find a show that isn't listed and I will personally get Talk Stream Live to add them to the list.

Here are the time slots:

6am – 9am pacific –

9am – noon pacific –

Noon – 3pm pacific – (My vote is for Jerry Doyle)

3pm – 6pm pacific –

6pm – 9pm pacific -

Let me know what your thoughts are......

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