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Unified Ron Paul Online Chat Experiment

Hello Daily Paul readers,

I have setup a simple chat client for people to try out. My intention, is to bring together supporters from across the Ron Paul sites to a central interactive discussion place. I have labeled this as an experiment, because I am not sure how it will work out. You can join using a simple web chat client by following this link: http://www.ronpaulirc.com

(If that doesn't work, try: http://widget.mibbit.com/?settings=da1e31f51ec99c8d806758108...)

Based on my own experience with open source software, interactive chats have an important role in planning and managing large projects. I think this is a great way to brainstorm new ideas, and to connect people who are interested in implementing them. If there is enough interest, perhaps we can setup a chat gadget for random web visitors to "chat with a Ron Paul volunteer" live.

For technical readers, this is an IRC client hosted at irc.voxinfinitus.net, channel #ronpaul You can also embed an iframe tag into your site, to allow others to join the chat room easily.

Someone has just registered http://www.ronpaulirc.com, and it should take you directly to the chat client also.

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Another Chat Room

http://ronpaul.rr.nu for freenode.net ##RonPaul

mabbit is blocked by freenode.net so I made link to alternative