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Top 10 Keynesian Ways to Boost the US Economy

Just read this article on the libertarian section on reddit. Very funny! And if it wasn't so true it wouldn't be so sad.

Keynesian economists are propagandizing the media with a unified message; in one breath lightly touching on the human tragedy in Japan, while in the next anticipating with delight the economic recovery it will (supposedly) create. The natural disaster in Japan is tragic both on a human level and economically. Japan may, possibly, enjoy a GDP boost in six months or so as a result of some rebuilding, but the billions in present-day lost productivity will easily negate any future upside.

The buildings and businesses with billions in loans have (and will continue to) experience enormous losses. Who will realize these losses? Insurance losses – the capital that would be invested in other productive assets - now must cover billions in claims. And what about the economic impact resulting from the loss of nuclear efficiency? Consider the power situation in Japan over the coming months with 40% of electricity used in greater Tokyo historically originating from the Niigata and Fukushima prefectures. In totality, it is mystifying how any economist could predict a net economic positive.

Read the rest here: http://www.goldshark.com/kaspars-comments/item/76-top-10-key...

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Any kind of WASTE is taxing

to any economy. It is lost, you cannot make it back. New spending always puts more asset at risk of default. The Bankers can never loose because they only supply the first 10% of any project. Waste simply makes the borrower more liable.

We are the victims of our own success.

Prosperity breed parasites. This is what eventually kills major corporations and has been responsible for the fall of all great civilizations. The sad truth is the best ideas don't always prevail, the most self-serving ones get used the longest. I always wonder how different the country would have been if Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton 10 years in 1789 or if John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln in 1861. While this is not "politically correct" thinking, how different is it than the musings about Adolf Hitler dieing in prison rather than becoming Chancellor of Germany?

outlaw seeing eye dogs

Seeing is an easy job that anyone can perform.the dogs are stealin our jobs. While we are at it... any handicaped persons caught pushing their own wheelchair will be arrested. Windsheild wipers are ouawed as well. We could just strap a bum on the roof of your vehicle to wipe the cold rain and snow... that one pays 20$ an hr... big economic boost right their.... maybe a showstring tier on every street corner and park/ playground. If your gunna tie your own shoe pay a fine...
No longer does one hand wash the other... now every restroom has a handwasher, flusher, and doorman.
College football players playing for free are taking the jobs of those that are good players but cant handle the pressure of cheating through college.

Make it a law that Keynesian economists must destroy all

Make it a law that Keynesian economists must trash all their records, business cards, appointment books, textbooks and destroy their hard drives, and wipe their cloud storage every month and start over.

Booksellers, printers, drive manufactures, trash haulers and a host of others would benefit.

The whole economy would be better off!

Free includes debt-free!

So Funny


I have to say I couldn't stop LOL when I read this. Great post. It's just so easy to fix all the problems isn't it.

welcome to the dp

Whether you are new or just been lurking, glad i could give ypu a smile. We really do have the most fun of any campaign... hands down.