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FOX News uses for profit corporate pollsters to misinform public


Fox News posted a ridiculous article claiming that Herman Cain is now in the top tier. This is corrupt poll that was conducted under false and misleading pretenses. Let’s take a look at the pollsters, Shall we?

"The Fox News Poll is conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R)".

Shaw & Company Research: http://shawresearch.com/shaw/I...

“Shaw & Company Research is a research and strategic consulting firm, working with corporations, issue groups, and political campaigns throughout Texas and the United States. We are committed to providing our clients with the best information and data analysis possible.

Founded in 2002, Shaw & Company Research specializes in high quality, cutting-edge market research. Our emphasis is on identifying and using the most appropriate techniques and statistical methodologies to help our clients develop practical solutions to their issues. We work with our clients to keep costs down while gaining the best information possible.

Shaw & Company brings several distinct advantages to its clientele. First, the speed, intensity, and focus needed for political campaigns. Second, a comprehensive knowledge of and experience with electoral strategy. Third, an appreciation and understanding of local context. Fourth, innovative and cutting edge research methodologies - from design to modeling. Fifth, research transparency, so you can understand the data and recommendations.”
Do you know who D.E Shaw is?
and what about Anderson Robbins Research - http://www.andersonrobbins.com

"With hands-on partners employing a comprehensive portfolio of research tools, Anderson Robbins provides the capabilities of a large firm, with the agility, dedication and creativity of a boutique.
We know from experience what is required to develop winning strategies. It is hard work. It is relentless attention to detail. It is rigorous analysis. It is good judgment. And this is what we deliver to our clients".

Don't be fooled,

OIF Veteran for Ron Paul 2012

P.S the reason that forum is being trolled worse than usual is because these pollsters are undermining it. Fight disinformation.

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