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:THIS IS THE Freedom of choice:

or speech if you wanna b a dicaboutit
rambling in the name of justice
i cannot take it
any more
my only friend the end
i am no longer going to allow for them
to define the meaning of liberty
to silence the voice of civility
to persist this era of tyranny
this condemnation to brutality
for i am an individual FREE
with spirit
not a corporation
but a person
a person who is equal to not less
not more than any other person
a person whose seed has sprouted oao
hard to believe
but theres nothing they can do to change it
theyl try
over and over
again and again
theres nothing they can do to win
because righteousness is not within them
and the numbers are not on their side
but theyl have you believe otherwise
false numbers derived from lies
they overvalue and over inflate
their beliefs with our ignorance
their greed and desire
for power breeds only misery
for everybody
they yearn to control the ultimate magnet
which guides every individual's moral compass
their definition of better is bigger
they hope you'll agree
they know that size is relative
only inside an open mind and
open minds cannot be tolerated
they prefer closed minds
because closed minds are
easy to control
they yearn to draw our eyes to lies
to consume our souls
theyl feed us nothing but decptive intent
and beatdowns if we disagree
as to get us to believe and agree with only
whats inside their constrained egocentric minds
and their ignorant elite points of view
like a child who cannot stand to loose
they make up new rules
along the way
in an effort to confuse
theyl have you believe that
prejudice and discrimination
are elements of success
theyl have you believe that
statistics and averages
can manifest reality
theyl have you believe that liberty
can be caged or herded
that we are all fish or sheep
its time for US to be united
not divided like they want us
or misguided like theyve bathed us
just bend over like they tell us
just ignore whats going on
they want us to forget
its in our name
that we shall not be tamed
like animals
and plants
theyd rather you replace dignity
and self-reliance
with a faithful dependence on authority
they seek to destroy hope
they seek to destroy dreams
they are the true marters
the coward haters
instead of dropping words that promote thought
they drop the bombs that destroy masses
incarcerate minds and lives
of innocent freethinkers
instead of truth they prefer distortions
speculative equations derived from
ignorance and deviance
if they are not allowed to win
they are willing
and we have given them
the ability and power
to sacrifice everybodys well being
for their artificial mentality
and a false sense of security
take the power back
stop being a part of their great pile of
blinded followers
open your eyes
join hands
they only desire piles to stand on
and rule over
to subdue
and create a divisive wall
but on the other side of that wall
all that will be found is emptiness
and then we all loose
peace can only be achieved by love
there is no love in
war and hate
take back what you have given up
in the name of an outright lie
so when i say you know what time it is
and your looking at me all confused
like im dazed misguided and shortsighted
i know you know deep down
its been written in your program
its time to take back what
rightfully belongs to us
locked and loaded
i think thats how they like to put it
too bad one day soon its gunna flip on em
soon theyl understand
that what theyv been standing up for
is nothing more
than just overrated over hyped
flat out blatant lies
power is in numbers
and they dont have enough
nor will they ever..divine truth
shall have no interest of its own
but take instead
the interests of the people
as its own
it is kind to the kind
it is also kind to the unkind
for Virtue is kind
it is faithful to the faithful
it is also faithful to the unfaithful
for Virtue is faithful
Nothing which breathes exists lives or
has essence or potential of life
should be destroyed or ruled over
subjugated harmed or denied
of its essence or potential
for it is impossible to live a pleasant life
without living wisely and well and justly
'neither to harm nor be harmed'
and it is impossible
to live wisely and
well and justly
without living a pleasant life
this is only a brief introduction
a rough draft
please search hard
and respond accordingly
so we can ALL overcome
these unnecessary hurdles
that have been placed by
hate intolerance and greed
amend it if you like
pass it on if you think it might help
justice for ALL not some
im out of time for now

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