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Outreach to Iowa Colleges and Grassroots Web Portal - Chip-in Included

We are implementing a project that will reach the critical demographic in Iowa. We are very popular with the college kids, but organizing them and getting out the vote is a challenge because traditionally they haven't turned out in very large numbers. To deal with this challenge, we urgently need money to roll out this project in a timely manner.

CHIP IN FOR THE PROJECT: http://iowacolleges4rp.chipin.com/iowa-college-ad-project

Iowa has three very large public schools: Iowa State University (~18,000 Iowa residents in student body), the University of Iowa in Iowa City (~15,000 Iowa residents in student body), and the University of Northern Iowa (~ 12,000 Iowa residents in student body). Each school has a professional college newspaper that reach a lot of students each run: Iowa State Daily (Iowa State U) and the Daily Iowan (U of Iowa) reach around 12,000 - 14,000 people per run, and the Northern Iowan (U of Northern Iowa) reaches around 8,000 people per run.

TO COMBAT THE SKEPTICS WHO SAY COLLEGE KIDS DON'T READ NEWSPAPERS: We are not targeting college kids in just some newspaper -- we are targeting them through their official COLLEGE newspapers. That is a very big difference that must be understood. Anyone who at some point was a student at a large school that publishes a good campus newspaper will tell you -- college kids love their school newspapers and read them religiously.

Here is the example ad for Iowa State University that will run both IN PRINT and at the newspaper's online site (I credit Justin Page Wood for the design suggestions on which this ad is based):


Keep in mind that this "Call To Action" is not meant to convince young people to choose Ron Paul - young people are internet-savvy, and we already have very strong constituency in them everywhere, as the polls show. What we DO need is for that group to get out the vote, to know the Caucus date, to register to vote, and to turn up for Caucuses.

As you may guess from the ad, a vital part of this project is the development and the hosting of a DEDICATED WEB PORTAL ( the name of the website in the ad is just a placeholder for now - not an actual website name!).

Our web portal, already in development by Ron Paul Forums user orenbus, will make this happen because we will have the ability to sign people up and group our registrants by location, map their approximate locations via cities/zipcodes/counties, and send them mass emails about grassroots efforts in their local area (such as meet-ups, sign bombs, voter registration, caucus date/place). The website itself will have far greater capabilities than that: the eventual goal is to have data from 2008 primaries as well as current polls to gauge how Ron Paul is doing in various places around the country, so we know where to throw our support (in terms of other ad campaigns in local newspapers I proposed before, geared to different demographics) and link up to the local grassroots in those areas.

For now, the focus is on 3 Iowa colleges. Eventually, we hope to expand this initiative to New Hampshire and South Carolina - other key states where we need the young people to turn out in record numbers for the primaries.

    (1) Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa

Iowa State will be targeted via Iowa State Daily (daily printed circulation ~12,500). Online version of the paper is: http://www.iowastatedaily.com/

A black-and-white PRINT ad sized roughly 3" X 3" costs approximately $480 for 15 consecutive days (newspaper is printed monday - friday). This is a seriously discounted rate.

The online ad package includes two versions of the same ad: one medium rectangle (a 300 pixel x 250 pixel) ad and a half page ad (300 pixel x 600 pixel). We are allowed 500 hits per day on these ads, and they are rotated through the entire newspaper website (www.iowastatedaily.com). The package costs $70 per week, and we want to run it for 3 weeks, to match the time in print edition.

Total ad costs for 3 weeks (online + print): $690.

The website for Iowa State Daily apparently gets a LOT of hits, and currently there is an increased traffic of Ron Paul supporters there because Barry Snell is in the process of publishing a serious of interviews with Ron Paul, which are excellent articles.

    (2) University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa

The University of Iowa will be targeted via The Daily Iowan (daily printed circulation ~14,500). Online version of the paper is: http://www.dailyiowan.com/

A black-and-white PRINT ad, which is roughly 3" X 3", costs approximately $340 for 5 consecutive days (newspaper is printed monday - friday). This is a discounted 5-day rate, and we want to run this ad for 10 business days days total, which is the duration of 2 weeks.

Every day the ad appears in the print edition, it will also appear on their website at no extra charge except $5/day to link the ad directly to our website, which is very worthwhile.

Total ad costs for 2 weeks (online + print): $740.

    (3) University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa will be targeted via The Northern Iowan (daily printed circulation ~8,000). Online version of the paper is: http://www.northern-iowan.org/

A black-and-white PRINT ad, which is roughly 4" X 3", costs approximately $175 for 4 runs. The newspaper is printed twice a week, Tues and Fri, so this essentially gives us a 2-week advertising period.

With the print ad buy, the online ad costs $50/week, and we want to run that for 2 weeks.

Total ad costs for 2 weeks (online + print): $275.


In total, we need to raise $2,000 for this Iowa College Ad Project, and we need this money now to get things rolling. November is when we should already be running the advertising, so the web portal needs money to be set up as soon as possible.

Aside from direct costs of advertising, there are development and hosting expenses for the website orenbus (Ron Paul Forums user) is currently developing - they are included in this chip-in. I haven't listed any possible taxes from the ad purchases, as well as Paypal fees from collecting donations, so we are keeping the costs down as much as possible and volunteering a mountain of our personal time to make this initiative happen.

This is where we as the grassroots will be much more nimble than the official campaign because we are essentially an open project, and we are very focused on one very specific task to get it done as quickly and as effectively as possible. We are also picking up the area that the RevPAC is not likely to address. Neither the campaign nor the RevPAC indicated any plans for doing newspaper advertisements in the same capacity as we are planning. Specifically, we will take tangible returns from this project by actually widening the grassroots base and streamlining communications between people in the online communities and events on the ground.

Please support this initiative to help reach out to the college kids in Iowa, enroll them in the grassroots network, and get the vote out for Ron Paul.

CHIP IN FOR THE PROJECT: http://iowacolleges4rp.chipin.com/iowa-college-ad-project

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Also Looking for a PHP Coder (Drupal Exp. Pref.)

Contact me here:


If you have PHP exp. with Drupal and interested in volunteering on this project.

Looking for a Programmer with Mobile Devices professional exp.

Currently looking for a coder that has worked with mobile devices for a volunteer grassroots project in the early states, PM me on ronpaulforums.com

The project is in support of the newspaper ad drive and supporting activities in early states.


Bump for designer, animator

Bump for designer, animator or developer (drupal or social network widgets/mobile devices), if you are one of these and would like to work on what is sure to be an amazing project pm me on ronpaulforums.com.



72% funding, $5, $10 donations welcome for Iowa Victory

We're close to being funded to put all three ads in the college newspapers in Iowa. Work on the site has already begun. Closing in on being fully funded, please help!

64% funded, please chip in what you can today!

More discussion on this project can be found here:


60% funded, need more help even $5 or $10 help

We need a few more donations to get funding for the ads and supporting site. Please donate if you can chipin here:


This is a very important project that is geared towards making a difference in the early states like Iowa, NH and SC.

Thank you everyone for your support! Almost Fully Funded.

Thank you everyone for your support, we are almost fully funded for the Iowa Ads.

I'm in Iowa (from California) doing Grassroots Organizing

And I too have a chip in: http://jaktober.chipin.com/the-tour-to-end-the-war

Been out here almost a month, heading to SC and FL next, then going to push on to MA and PA in spring (going to be tight budget wise). We just had about a dozen people show up to the last meet-up I hosted in Ames.

Going to work on some outreach next week (as my last meet-up is on Tuesday). I'll post up my notes/experience out here on Wednesday, most likely.

Jack Wagner

This is exactly why we're doing this project...

To help YOU - the volunteers on the ground in the early states - link up with other Ron Paul supporters in the area!

Our advertisement campaign targets college kids, who already love Ron Paul but may not be well-organized or linked to the campaign. By signing them up in our web portal, we can direct them to the local events on the ground, like the Ames meet-up you just mentioned.

A dozen people showed up to the meet-up, and we want it to be more like a hundred. Advertising in the papers and online is the way to reach Ron Paul supporters EN MASSE and then direct them to the local grounds efforts.

So you should be interested to help us get our project off the ground - it helps volunteers like you do your job more effectively.

Feel free to help get me funded when you're done :)

Sounds good. Hope it helps!

I've been putting my own money into being out here, and will need to get more funds to be able to be as productive moving forward (I can do a lot in MA and PA if I'm able to get out there). Just discovered Mega Bus, so that'll help a bit. http://couchsurfing.org is a great resource if you are getting anyone to travel out here (to Iowa).

I'll be gone at the end of the month, so we definitely need someone in Ames and Des Moines to host and organize the meet-ups, otherwise there'll be nothing to have people come to. I'm not sure if there are people in other towns, but that'd be a good thing to make sure and connect with.

http://meetup.com - great resource. Perhaps you can mimic the function of it on your network.

We REALLY need precinct captains. Get supporters connected with the official campaign (http://iowaforronpaul.com).

Can't wait to see your site set up! We only got 3 months left! Do what you can, will be a huge boost to hear "Ron Paul Wins Iowa Caucus" from Florida...

Jack Wagner

For any overseas Ron Paul

For any overseas Ron Paul supporters or nationals of other countries you can chipin to this project as your donation would be considered part of the internet hosting portion of this project which is volunteer except and although foreign nationals can't directly donate to the campaign you can still serve as a uncompensated volunteer with internet hosting being an exception. So for you Ron Paul supporters around the world this is your chance to help the grassroots in the U.S. :)

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