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Tweak Your Ron Paul Yard Signs


I have a simple, yet what I believe to be effective, way to increase exposure and support for Ron Paul. When you buy a yard sign for your yard, buy a few extras. When you place your yard sign in your yard, add a smaller note to the sign indicating "Yard Signs Available." Help those a little less zealous or who are just "newbies" to the fight for freedom to more easily locate a way to show their support. Anyone willing to come to your door to ask about a yard sign is more than likely to actually place the sign in their yard, in addition, it gives you an opportunity to meet other "like minded" folks in your community. I gave away two Ron Paul yard signs yesterday because I had placed the smaller note on my Ron Paul yard sign indicating "Yard Signs Available." As luck would have it, the folks who took my signs live on the street that runs right past the grade school in town. Parents drive this road almost daily to drop off and to pick up their kids from school. The couple who asked me for signs indicated that they did not spend much time on a computer so finding these items was not easy or convenient, this is also the case with many in our "senior" population. Why not make it easier for them to show their support for Ron Paul by making it more conveniently available to them wherever they see a Ron Paul yard sign? I plan to also give away bumper stickers with each yard sign in the future. I have a feeling as word gets out in my small town of 7,200 that I will get more requests for yard signs for no other reason than it is convenient and locally available! Isn't it sad to think we may not be showing all the support we can for Ron Paul because for some folks who don't attend rallies and such, it is not readily available and they don't know where to find the items...that was me last election. Let's make it conveniently available for everyone on every street!
....and yes, I plan to order more yard signs and bumper stickers on OCTOBER 19th...the BTO Money Bomb!

Computers are great, but sometimes low-tech can be very effective!

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1st Amendment Violation in Missouri!

I am the original poster, just a little side note on signs in Cameron, MO.
Here is a short clip of my appearance at the Oct 3rd Cameron City Council Meeting.
(You only need to watch the first 2O seconds to get the point...that's all the local paper included of my 5 minutes in their online posting of the council meeting issues.)


Two weeks ago our local city council put through an ordinance (regulation) that limited private residential property owners to no more than a total of 36 sq ft of signage on their property...that's a sign 6ft x 6ft and only on one side! Or, the summation of smaller signs not to to exceed this 36 sq ft limit. (In other words, there was no limit put on the number of smaller signs as long as the total area did not exceed 36 sq ft) I protested throughout the whole process the unconstitutional nature of the ordinance. The meeting where the ordinance finally passed I actually spoke for 5 minutes on the violaton of 1st Amendments Rights. Up to this point, no one in town knew my party affilation, but my use of props put the issue to rest.:) My 5 minutes garnerd favorable response from the fairly large crowd present and those snickering at my RP sign when I arrived were no longer snickering when I left, they were mad about the issue of losing their freedom!


As a fellow Missourian.Darn proud of you.

Great suggestion

Another thing that works

Post in the FREE section.

"Free Ron Paul yard signs"

Pick up or drop them off. Hell I would be more than happy to buy a sign AND post it up in anyones yard here in clovis and fresno california.

We did this for a local mayoral candidate when a ron paul supporter tried running for mayor (we didn't win that one either...) and we got more signs out that way versus anything else.

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Er, woman... person... individual.

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Great idea and thxs to those

Great idea and thxs to those who will do it.

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That's a great idea...

I'm doing it first thing tomorrow.

bump for good idea


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