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Mother of all Bombs, 11-11-11 . We need a Registration Bomb for primaries.

All of us will agree that the best way to get people charged up is through these timely bombs. And now that we have created enough momentum and we are consistently performing good at straw polls we need to step it up and attack the Primaries.

At no cost can we accept what happened last Super-Tuesday. We have to win the super-tuesday and Win It Big and we have to step up the gear. Get all those "Like's" and "Thump's Up" on youtube and facebook to change into primary Votes .

So I think we should organize a massive Registration Bomb. And people should post a picture of there Registration Ticket/ Receipt for there states at some website [I am trying to register an appropriate domain for this and a website will be coming soon] on a 11-11-11. Also people should remember that in some states where primaries are happening early registration will close early as well therefore no one should wait for 11-11-11. Also we should not just stop at that people should register their friends and neighbor's too.

Registration for most states close around 3 months before the primaries and already couple of them have closed. So now is the time. Start registering, a website will be coming up soon.

REMEMBER 11-11-11, you cannot forget, can you ?

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great idea


Registration for Republican Bomb, 12-11-11 to 1-12-12! Pledge now at http://RonPaulResupply.com

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but it's their, not there.

Their means belonging to them or coming from them.

There means away from here, usually a specific spot or direction that's not here.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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