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The Sad Truth on Our Democarcy

I just went to my first Meetup.com group and we talked about some of the standard RP ways to have 'community activism'. While I agree that awareness of Ron Paul is import, I questioned to what end. Sign waves and canvassing neighborhoods is good to bring awareness, but the literal bottom line is cold hard cash! (Contributions to the campaign.) The early primary states often decide who gets to play for the Republican nomination, so money needs to be funneled to the RonPaul2012 official donation web site and quickly.

I went to www.opensecrets.org and here is what I found for the last Presidential cycle and for Michigan‘s federal elections:

2008 Presidential financing:
Barack Obama $745,000,000

John McCain $360,000,000
2010 Michigan Congressional Races:

14 of the 15 races were won by the candidate with the most money (and the 15th may have had substantial Super PAC money). That is 93.3%
Look up your state on www.opensecrets.org and tell me if Michigan is just an anomaly.

Although cash is important we may be able to use it against the candidates as well, just see below:
Largest GOP Presidential Donors 3Q:

Mitt Romney
Goldman Sachs $354,700
Credit Suisse Group $195,250
Morgan Stanley $185,800
HIG Capital $176,500
Barclays $155,250

Ron Paul
US Air Force $23,437
US Army $23,053
US Navy $16,973
Mason Capital $14,000
Microsoft Corp $13,398

Romney and Perry have raised and have reserves of substantially more cash than RP. I suspect Cain has raised quite a bit more this quarter.

I have a few novel ideas of how we may be able to raise cash, some are independent and some may require the help of the official RP campaign. I also have some crazier ideas on how to generate free publicity, which is the best kind, especially with the treatment of Ron Paul in the media. It seems like his treatment has gotten a little better in the last few weeks. (“Except for his foreign policy”).
Let me know if you want to hear more of my crazy ideas. Let me know if I have peaked your interest. Maybe these have been brought up before. (I am new to the forum)

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