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A positive article about Ron Paul at Washington Times!

Friday, November 11, 2011 - The Political Pro-Con by Conor Murphy

WASHINGTON, November 11, 2011―On Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace interviewed Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul. During the interview, Wallace asked Paul if he could support another Republican in the general election if he did not get the nomination. Dr. Paul then responded with an answer which most likely infuriated the Republican establishment.

“If they believe in expanding the wars, if they don't believe at looking at the Federal Reserve, if they don't believe in real cuts, if they don't believe in deregulation and a better tax system it would defy everything I believe in. So I would be reluctant to jump on board and tell all the supporters, who have given me trust and money, that all we've done is for naught and let's support anybody.”

After he expressed this sentiment, a Fox News panel the next day harshly criticized Paul for not being a team player. One panelist even suggested that if he was unwilling to support the presumptive nominee then he should be taken out of the debates. Aside from being illogical Republican rhetoric, this borders on hypocrisy. The only reason that Paul is being asked about supporting the Republican nominee, whoever it might be, is because the media already knows what his answer will be. They wish to use it as ammunition against him, and want the Republicans to accuse him of not being “a team player”. A better question to ask the rest of the Presidential hopefuls would be, “If Ron Paul gets the nomination, would you support him?”

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Very nice article!