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East Texas Meetup

East Texas Meetup Group - Meeting next thursday, planning and organizing local, national efforts to get Ron Paul elected!


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Terrific. Good way to get

Terrific. Good way to get people talking, as well.and meeting RP supporters. Great job!

I'll be near Palestine

the following week.

Let me know if I can help.

Campus Flyerbomb

Could use help canvassing the campus with the super flyers! Contact me through the meetup group

Ron Paul did really well in

Ron Paul did really well in the local GOP Straw Poll. While he came in second it was to the latest "poster boy" gingrich, which like the others is sure to slide back. Join us as we work to get RP elected!

Where was the straw poll conducted and by whom?

Passing your info far and wide. There were some very active supporters in Texarkana last election. I don't know whom State Representative David Simpson out of Longview area may be endorsing if anyone but he was a avid Ron Paul supporter last election before running for his state representative seat.

Keep us updated. I have bookmarked your link and you can bet I will be keeping a eye on activities by your group. I hope you get many more participants.

I'm making contacts with old meetup groups in the North Texas area including Dallas and Fort Worth. Anyone with information please pass along.


Ron Paul 2012 - he really is the only choice

Do not assume establishment party officials who say all the right things about conservative principles will do anything differently. This is the battle. Individual liberty demands personal responsibility. - Debra Medina

Nac Gop


We are a district south of david simpson, too bad as he is awesome! contact me through our meetup group, I am trying to find all our '08 connections, David was one of them.

I have one possible contact in texarkana, if you can email me!