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Ron Paul Billboard Georgia


Hello Daily Paulers,
Just wanted to share a short story and ask for some assistance. I was driving down highway 400 in Atlanta, GA. and noticed a couple empty billboards. Upon calling the number I was completely surprised and elated to find out the head of the outdoor advertising company was a fellow liberty loving Ron Paul supporter!

Because of who I was asking to put a billboard up about he is willing to cut a deal on the space. It's a 2 month minimum with the grand total cost of that being $2200 after all is said and done. Normally it would be $1400 more than that so getting a really great deal. He's also said that I could have the giant vinyl billboard if I don't have any more money for the sign after the 2 months is up. If I were able to get funds later to put it up again I could just re-use the sign to save on print fees or we could possibly ship it to another state that has use for it.

Ron Paul was short just a few votes on winning the Straw Poll here and many, many people I speak with are supporting Dr. Paul this go around. There are others, however, that either:

a.Don't understand Supporting our Troops means Supporting Ron Paul. It's evident by his fund raising from active duty military and veterans being TRIPLE the amount than the rest of the Republican candidates combined.

b.Are social conservative "Religious Right" types that don't understand Ron Paul's positions on civil liberties lines up exactly with what Jesus would do.

So I'm asking for 2 things.

1.Ideas for what to put on the sign. I would like to focus on those two core issues as that is the majority of folks down here that need to have the scales removed from their eyes.
2.ChipIn donations to pay for the space/sign. I will be able to get the art work done on that for free but need $2200 to get it up. The Thanksgiving Day holiday will soon be upon us as well as the Christmas holiday so was hoping to get the funds together and that sign up ASAP. Obviously I don't think we'd be able to scrounge enough together before Thanksgiving but was hoping by the end of this month we could do it. I just hope the spot doesn't get taken while we are getting the funds together! If that happens I can either look for another space or refund the money back to all donors. I'm not looking to make one red cent off this, I just want to do what I can to see Ron Paul in the White House.

Again, the chipin info can be found here:

And please post your ideas for the billboard in this thread. Thanks!

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Strong, standard designs for RPbillboards


I wanted to know how your Ron Paul Billboard efforts are coming along. If you HAVE a billboard design, then that's great, if you do not, please consider some of these free Ron Paul Billboard designs here:


or here:


I offer these designs for free along with technical support for print billboard production or digital billboard series design.

I take requests but will only honor designs that meet or exceed industry standard, best practices guidelines for billboard and digital billboard design.

If you have a design to display, your chances of getting donations increase hundreds of percent.


Pat Jack, (http://www.ronpaulbillboards.com)

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

I would like to speak with you about this project.

Can you email me your contact information. Thanks,

Charles Gregory

(347) RON-PAU1


Charles Gregory


I like this one using the

I like this one using the graphic from the Support Them Now money bomb:


Here's a quick idea


I love this painting of Dr. Paul. May have to track down artist, but what a powerful image. Anyways here's my idea. You have to picture the billboard edge on the white side of the picture.

Short, to the point, in your face

Sometimes less is more powerful.
Like cain's 999 branding...it sticks in the head.

With so few words on a giant space....many want to fill that space with graphic pictures and all kinds of pretty colored words. A busy billboard distracts the brain! The message gets lost in the filtering.

A powerful message is short and to the point. It imprints on the brain and is easily remembered and repeated.








Small grammar correction.

Just a small correction from an old retired English teacher. Should you choose to use the last statement, please change "that" to "who". "That" refers to objects while "who" refers to people.

Keep up the good work! I like the first two statements the best.

Thanks for the grammatical

Thanks for the grammatical correction there! Fixed!


if this thread got posted multiple times! Was having some sort of refresh issue with my browser so unsure if it spammed the forum with a bajillion of the same post. If so, moderators please feel free to delete all of them except this one.

So does anyone have any ideas yet for the billboard? I had a few over the weekend

More support from our troops than all others COMBINED!
Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2012

Support Our Troops by Supporting their Candidate!
Ron Paul 2012

For the proud shall be humbled.
Ron Paul 2012

War Veteran. Doctor. Economist. Oath Keeper.
Ron Paul 2012

A humble statesman who honors his oath.
When was the last time you could say that about a candidate?
Ron Paul 2012

Please feel free to give feedback on these as well as provide any of your own! Also, please support the chip in as I don't have all the funds required to put this sign up!


whizzing by at 60 mph you only have time to read a very short slogan along with Ron Paul 2012. Some of these above may be too long for a quick read.

Look at some other effective signs. Jack in the Box is a company that really knows how to use billboards. http://www.rockjessie.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/jack-in...

So you need a graphic most of all that gets your attention and then just a few words. Making it funny or clever will also help people remember it.

There's also the ugly truth strategy. I once saw a billboard of an old man who had been neglected. It was actually hard to look at, but I still remember exactly where I saw that ad years later. Maybe showing some Iraqi children without arms, Some caskets covered in American flags, some of the consequences of war people seem to forget about.

Ya..a horrible billboard of

Ya..a horrible billboard of what we did to people in the middle east and then big words that say LET FREEDOM RING.
Smaller, at the bottom it would say end these wars, elect Ron Paul 2012.