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Nov 28 Google Trends and Subtext

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When you look at this chart of Google Trends of the last 30 days you will see Ron Paul is clearly the front runner in searches.

Herman Cain has had his moment but it has died down.

Mitt Romney has been tied for last place with Newt Gingrich except for a small increase in searches as his popularity "soars."

Now look at the news related articles!
Ron Paul has been tied for last place. He is even being ignored in online articles.

Not only that, but the top search results when one searches for "Ron Paul" is filled with articles by Fox News or New York Times.

Even if not from one of those you see that the writer is clearly writing it since he cannot be ignored any longer but continues to write him off in hidden subtext even if it looks as though they are saying he is right.
Terms like, "Paul's call for a non-interventionist/isolationist foreign policy now makes more sense."

Articles like these try to sway the people that are searching for Ron Paul to relate his non-interventionism with isolationism.

And many times they continue to bring up the 3rd party candidate debate. This undermines his race for the GOP since by saying "Should he run third party?" the subtext is saying, "Can Ron Paul really win the GOP?"

There are more search results for Ron Paul videos on YouTube than any other candidate so it would be best to encourage people to search for him on YouTube rather than on Google.
Or give them RonPaulFlix.com to make it even easier on people searching for his talking points.

Let's all get behind the message that Ron Paul is not running third party. He is running for the GOP nomination and has a very great shot at winning!

Let's not accept it when people use the word "isolationist" since he has clearly shown how he is not.
Bring up other countries and ask if they are isolationist or ask if tariffs and sanctions of trades with countries like Iran are more isolationist views.

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