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Vietnamese Americans needed for outreach & fundraising for Tet Booth

My name is Joseph and I have been supporting Ron Paul since 2007. I did precinct canvassing, snail mail bomb to Iowa, sign wavings.. the whole bit. This election go-around I wanted to do more by directly outreaching to 1st/2nd generation Vietnamese Americans with whom I likely share a common cultural identity. Living on the West Coast affords the luxury of trying different creative strategies that would not be viable in Iowa or New Hampshire. With this in mind, given that the new year 2012 falls under Lunar zodiac sign of the Dragon, I wanted to use the occasion of the Lunar Tet Festival to help introduce Ron Paul to the Vietnamese community in particular and broader Asian community in general. The largest Tet festival outside the country of Vietnam occurs in Little Saigon,CA. The idea is to rent a booth from which we can pass out literature and register voters. The reason why a booth during the Tet festival is strategically important is twofold: 1)Having a booth to engage people inside the festival instead of outside adds legitimacy to our efforts. 2)With the festival occuring in February, Ron Paul would mostly likely be the only Republican presence throughout the whole festival. This would leave a lasting impression on CA primary voters, especially those many that vote absentee in June. If it comes down to the June primaries to determine the Republican nomininee, our efforts to reach out during the festival may give Ron Paul the edge.

Please consider chipping in
(Little Saigon, CA): http://ronpauldragon.chipin.com/ron-paul-outreach-booth-at-u...

(Los Angeles, CA): http://ronpauldragon.chipin.com/ron-paul-outreach-booth-at-l...

If you csn speak Vietnamese, Chinese, or even English and live in the SoCal area, please consider volunteering to work a booth.

Signup with our meetup: http://www.meetup.com/RonPaulDragon/

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