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Rick Perry inadvertently working for Paul!

It's not news that Rick Perry's old website domain name, RickPerry.com expired. The original owner of the domain name was a firm called campaignweb that probably sought to make money or gain some advantage from ownign the domain name. Nonetheless, for the longest time the domain redirected to Rick Perry's official website, RickPerry.org.

According to Domain Name Wire in an August article, the domain was purchased from an expired domains auction, though little other information was revealed. An interesting development that is hitting social networks and message boards like wildfire is the domain's sudden development! RickPerry.com now redirects to Ron Paul's campaign website! This is the kind of delicious irony that would make it onto the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

This is certainly due to no part of the Ron Paul campaign, but nonetheless, the Paul campaign site has most likely experienced an increase in traffic as people who aren't following the race religiuosly who are looking for information on Perry end up on the page of the true Constitutional conservative. It is without a doubt that some of the visitors will see the articles, videos, and facts available on the Paul campaign site and awaken to the truth that only one candidate is a true conservative, a man of the people, and the only Champion of the Constitution: Ron Paul.

Thank you Rick Perry for helping the Champion of the Constitution spread his message!

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