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Let me preface this with: I am a Dr. Paul supporter. I have been a Dr. Paul supporter since 2008 (didn't know him prior).

I'm likely a dissenting voice on an Iowa victory (or one in any of the first 4 states). Then again -- Dr. Paul built his political career as a dissenting voice, so I could in worse company.

My skepticism is two fold. First: Iowa would likely be Pyrrhic. Bachmann and Cain did well in these sort of contests and flamed out off the campaign. This thing's a marathon, not a spring - to beat that cliche even more!

Second: For Dr. Paul to get this nomination the timing would have to be just right. There's a lot of money that simply doesn't want Dr. Paul to make it through. I'm afraid Peter Thiel, Peter Schiff, a great grassroots campaign, and the monthly money bomb just aren't enough of a counter-weight without momentum - at the opportune moment.

Ironically, I feel Gingrich is the best thing that could have happened to Dr. Paul right now. Hopefully, after Gingrich burns out someone else will come to the mantel (Santorum/Huntsman). Hopefully that will take us to late Spring. If Dr. Paul can start getting a few victories at that time, he may just catch lightning in a bottle and carry it through to the general election.

To be honest, I don't think a candidate can withstand the type of media blitzkrieg that Dr. Paul will get. He'll be attacked on the Lew Rockwell column and it will be spun every which way. When that doesn't bring Dr. Paul down, the organization will be hit hard. Frankly an incident like the one involving Tim Profitt isn't far fetched and can bring down an entire campaign - it almost killed Dr. Rand Paul's.

Any thoughts?

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watch this and get back to me


Ron Paul has the answer to these attacks and addressed it last campaign


They were also talking about Obama

having a billion dollars in his campaign treasury. But the money doesn't really matter. Efforts against his campaign will fall away. And the message of freedom will not fail.

"You don't need a billion dollars when you have the truth."

- Dr.Paul

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

I like how Dr. Paul put it,

I like how Dr. Paul put it, regarding the other candidates "Easy come, easy go.".

Gingrich doesn't have ground game in Iowa. He's hoping that the undecided will vote for him. The good doctor has each precinct covered with supporters who will give stump speeches while Gingrich won't have near that many supporters to do that, or be as passionate. When it comes down to it, hopefully Paul supporters can convince enough people.

Remember too, that some of these polling places have about 20 people show up, especially if the weather is bad. Dedicated Paul supporters just need to bring a few friends and family and they'll have a majority and won't even need to convince other voters. Paul is the only candidate that has the supporters that can do this.

The reason Paul will do very well in Iowa (I'm hesitant also to say he'll win, but he'll do well) is because it's a caucus. I don't think he'll do as well in NH because it's a primary and you have masses of sheep voting, but they'll probably go for Romney and Paul will actually still have a good showing.