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A Glimpse Into the Young, Undecided Likely Caucusgoer


DES MOINES, IOWA-The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll released Tuesday revealed that six in 10 likely caucusgoers in Iowa are still undecided or persuadable voters. Wednesday evening, ABC News was able to get a glimpse into the mind of some young Iowans that will attend next month’s caucuses, most of them undecided voters.

At two different focus groups, Iowans between the ages of 22 and 29 split into different groups by party affiliation spoke frankly about their lives, politics and during the Republican group, who they are thinking of caucusing for next month.

The focus groups were sponsored by Harvard University’s Institute of Politics and the Culver Public Policy Center at Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. Although it’s hard to say that a focus group is representative of the average voter, it was a window into the mind of a young caucusgoer in the Hawkeye state.

She said there is a “big chance” she won’t support Obama, and she is considering Paul adding that he’s “probably the only Republican candidate I think has solid enough ideas that would change a lot of the problems plaguing us.”
She said she would enthusiastically support another Democrat if another candidate would take on the president and said she wished Paul was “electable” because “he has some really good, creative ideas.”
Almost all of the participants in the Democratic group had positive things to say about Paul, with several saying they would consider voting for him.
*Note: ABC’s Gary Langer points out that although these young people are likely caucusgoers, young undecideds are less likely to actually particpate in the caucuses. Originally, this story said 6 out of 10 likely caucusgoers were still undecided or persuadable, it is actually slightly less at 55 percent.


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Good article, but a little

Good article, but a little long to post on the board...Demonstrates how RP will pull a lot of support from Independents and even Democrats. Probably why Ron Paul polls the best against Obama in Iowa.

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