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Get Real, There is NO Health Care Issue

Anyone who has ever properly studied immunology should know that the best insurance policy we have is innate and adaptive immunity working in concert and that takes care of 99.99% of all the diseases we face.

We figured this out a long time ago by having running water, indoor toilet, and disease control, in short it's a public health issue. I learned from a friend recently that today's workers in public health are bored. They focus on issues such as promoting the use of condoms. There goes your tax dollars at work so keep sending that money to DC.

It's because health is related to life and death, people immediately freak out and their brains freeze. In reality, take out the hype and most of modern medicine is not needed. There is no need for "health maintenance" -- a money making scheme either.

Now you see how you can imagine a return to simpler time. As the Good Doctor said, he used to see people for mere dollars.

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a nation of hypochondriacs?

Probably so but still 1 out of 2 men will get cancer in their lifetime so I can't say that's 99.99% of the diseases we face.

Also promoting condoms and birth control is a very good thing. There's a lot of people out there that shouldn't be having children. Neglectful parenting is an epidemic in the US.

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Modern Medicine: How Healing Illness became Managing Illness


It isn't pretty, and it surely is not what we are told in the MSM or what is taught in medical school - but it's pretty hard to argue with history and facts.

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We're under relentless assault

by a money making regime conspiring with science in order to scare people and fleece them at the same time. I usually don't care but it's getting to the point that they want our freedom and liberty too.