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Romney & Gingrich: The Draft Dodgers That Want to Send Your Kids to War

Brilliant article I found on Unelected. This needs to be spread around to conservatives in Iowa and South Carolina.

When it came time for Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich to serve in the armed forces during the Vietnam War in the 1960s, both Presidential candidates weaseled out of their duty to “serve their country”. Now they espouse hawkish rhetoric, vehemently back the occupation of Afghanistan, think it was a mistake to pull combat troops out of Iraq (a result of a Bush-era agreement with Iraq), and more recently have touted the need to invade Iran. Just as it’s easy to spend money that isn’t yours, it’s just as easy to send kids to war that aren’t your own. That’s the crux of what Mitt Romney and Gingrich have advocated and what they intend to do if either of them are elected to the highest office in the nation.

Living in a palace in France during a mission for the Mormon church, Mitt Romney didn’t get to witness the horrors of the Vietnam War, where over fifty-thousand Americans died. Romney received a deferment in order to further spread his religion in France for two and a half years. While American troops were fighting the Viet Cong in jungles deep inside of Vietnam, Mitt Romney was quoting verses of the Book of Mormon and improving his French. The Parisian mansion Mitt Romney was living in also had a chef and a houseboy.

According to the Deseret News, in 1966, before Romney headed off to France under a church obtained draft deferral, he was a part of a counter-protest at Stanford University against a group that was staging a sit-in in opposition to draft status tests. It seems like Romney’s flipflopping career began even before his political career did.

Full article: http://www.unelected.org/romney-gingrich-the-draft-dodgers-that-want-to-send-your-kids-to-war