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Want to make Ron Paul The most liked candidate on Facebook ASAP?

Hello everyone,

I like to think everyone can be used to there maximum potential, and since not everyone can afford to give the campaign money, you can do something just as important, Bring in new Facebook fans!

This will-

1. Increase Advertising of Ron Paul to targeted demographics and get highly active Facebook users.

2. Brings more fans in which in turn will get great media coverage.

3. Overthrow Mitt Romney as the top Facebook candidate and show that the Surge is still with us despite media.

Here is the plan- Today we go after Facebook 25 largest Fan Pages http://www.insidefacebook.com/2011/05/04/the-25-most-liked-p...

I would also like to add Barack Obama to this bunch- So 26

I made a special Facebook account called Joe Paul(it has a picture of Ron Paul, Please friend him and we can get to work on this. I would suggest you make your own so you don't annoy your friends with hundreds of news feeds.

We will Completely Cover these pages with information about Ron Paul including videos, pictures, Voting record- whatever you want.

Here an example of say- Coca-Colas Web Page

I love Coca-Cola, and I love Ron Paul! Help End corruption in government and Vote for someone you can trust- Ron Paul Fan Page link

Or- Did you know that Ron Paul makes more from the military then all the other candidates combined? Picture of graph- Someone else under it links his fan page. We all have to work together to like each others stuff and reply back on each posts with more stuff

absolutely everything can be copy and pasted, just have 7 or 8 things your using so its not Repetitive

I think if we do this right, we could overtake Romney in fans by the time we get to Florida and Show people that Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate to vote for this year (if you have common sense and have any principles at all.)

We need this to show we are surging with fans at a pace no one can even dream of!

Who is with me?

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