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My Email to Rush Yesterday

Dear Rush,

I am a 33 year old conservative and credit you largely with the formation of my philosophy and my greater outlook on life. You see, I started listening to you when I was in 6th grade and remember watching your TV show. I was with you when Ross Perot submarine’d George H. Bush, I remember the video you played of Clinton turning on the tears after the camera captured him walking away from Ron Browns funeral, and I listened to you during coverage of the Clinton cigar incident and subsequent impeachment. Rush, I have listened to you for the greater part of 22 years and I even have my children listen every year to your Thanksgiving proclamation.

You are a great defender of a small government, superb at calling out hypocrisy and corruption and defending free market capitalism. You do a great job of articulating the national debt and unfunded entitlements.

I agree with you that the country is under assault from Obama like never before and that we are in real trouble if he gets a second term in office.

I love that you rail against phony moderate conservatives like Dole and McCain.

So, of the Republicans running:

Romney is of the same moderate mold and Obama’s team can’t wait to pick him apart with the ample ammunition that Romney’s record provides them.

Huntsman doesn’t have the machine and isn’t even going to show up on in SC.

Gingrich is a ticking time bomb that will self destruct and given enough time with the media’s attention will wilt under his own weight.

Rick Santorum doesn’t have the machine, the money or the record to run on and Iowa was a product of the Media.

Perry barely makes the list and is a walking talking joke.

Rush, my question is why can’t you give Ron Paul a fair shake. I understand he has a different take on war and occupation as a foreign policy but I don’t doubt for a second that he would defend the country from threats foreign and domestic. I know that you are a fair and honest person, please give him and his record the attention that he deserves.

Unlike the rest of the bunch, he could actually win against Obama and the RHINO’s


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... I hope he reads it... (Santorum has registered an on-line business, selling rosaries to Baptists in Iowa.)

Plano TX

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