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Make the next primary a Multimedia Experience. Inform voters with video,sound, and passion.

So I watched the video of Dr. Paul's predictions today and was once again totally moved by not only the compassion, intellect, and bravery of this man but also how horrifyingly accurate he has been. This message, to long for a commercial, must make it to every voter. That is a MUST. The idea I have is to somehow, using the cheapest methods possible, project this video onto any surrounding surface. That or use a power inverter to plug into your cars cigarette lighter, battery, jump starter or whatever you can think of to power a Television. LCD TV's are now light and easy to move. These kind of displays on Trucks, Vans and so on would be an impressive sight. I am trying to work out the logistics and searching for ideas. Its difficult because each solution might be different than the next so specifics become a real challenge. We have a job ahead of us in South Carolina and I thought this might be a new and creative way to influence the primaries.

Imagine the media walking around in a field of videos they don't want anyone to see. Thank you so much to all those who work so hard every day for our Freedom.

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