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On Paul Dangerous?

Ron Paul Dangerous: Telling the truth and having a consistent voting record as a congressman for decades is why the republican party call Ron Paul dangerous. The Republican party has been so poisoned by being bought and paid for by the corporate sponsored lobbyist that are in control of Washington D.C., that the party as a whole defies common sense. Ron Paul is the only true conservative or mainstream presidential candidate that has a well laid out plan to fix America’s monetary issue’s. The fact that he wants to cut down on big government and really get spending under control makes Ron Paul Dangerous? This is a agenda the republican conservative’s know has to be done to restore America, yet they seem to support a Obama type of government which is the same as good ole George Bush which is big Government and war’s! Ron Paul knows we have to cut spending and stop the current Fed fiat system, and end the war’s.

Military support makes Ron Paul Dangerous?

Our US Military troops have donated more funds to Ron Paul than any other presidential Candidate including president Obama! On presidents day Feb. 20, 2012 thousands of Active military troops and vets are marching to the White house to show their support for Ron Paul this 2012 election. The men and women that serve in the US military know our policies abroad of war and occupation are failed agenda’s, this what makes Ron Paul Dangerous. Ron Paul wants to change the dangerous path the US is on and as you can see our best citizens the people on the front line agree with Ron Paul. Unlike Obama or Mitt, Ron Paul wants to keep our strong military and defense not cut its throat! We need to stop making enemies is Ron Paul’s Agenda, and start making friends.This makes Ron Paul Dangerous?
Ron Paul wants to stop giving money to other countries like China, Russia, and even Israel just to name a few. We should not have to buy our friends should we? Ron Paul is the only chance we have for change in 2012 his record as a congressman speaks for its self. Mitt Romney or Obama it does not matter they are both establishment controlled shills that have and will continue to sell liberty and freedom out as their records political speak volumes for this ! Ron Paul has a spending cut plan and will stop giving other nations money. We have our own people to worry about and Ron Paul is the only presidential mainstream Presidential candidate that will put the American peoples needs financialy first. Is Ron Paul Dangerous because he puts the American people first?

Why is Ron Paul Dangerous?

Ron Paul believes in the constitution our Forefathers so wisely drafted to protect our freedoms and the US as a nation. The people today running and in control the US government draft and approve bills like the NDAA and Patriot Act that violate our constitution and put us in a almost martial law scenario. Ron Paul supports free trade not government control! Look at all the jobs leaving the US and our power plants that are shutting down because they were not given a waver like GE coal power plants receive. Our food supply is controlled by a corrupted the FDA out to put the small farmers out of business. Look at the GMO issue caused by big Farma. Instead of going after real problems the FDA attacks the Amish and organic farmers! Ron Paul would change this and end several bad government agencies and fix other’s that have bad agenda’s like the FDA. This makes Ron Paul Dangerous?

Ron Paul Dangerous? Not to freedom and Liberty!

The good doctor believes that our leaders should answer to We The People not Global corporations! When a government fears the people we have a democracy. When we have agency’s such as the TSA and other branches of Homeland security making people fear government, we have a tyranny! This belief in freedom makes Ron Paul Dangerous. They worry you will wake up to the facts and vote for Ron Paul and this makes Ron Paul Dangerous!

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