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(New Supporter) SC Debate Awareness Plan

Hi to all. Brand new supporter of Ron Paul here. My apathy for politics was cured by Ron Paul and now I'm experiencing the side-effects, much less sleep now that I know the truth. Anyway, as an attempt to make my small community aware of the nationally televised debate I'm planning on printing off a few flyers featuring the debate time and highlighting Ron Paul & points he is likely to speak about tonight. Plan on leaving some at post office lying around, bank,etc. Just hoping to capitalize on the rare time Ron Paul can be heard through mainstream media channels. No one better to convince the public rather than Ron Paul himself. Just though I would let people know about this and see if there any other unconventional ideas out there?

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I lost a lot of sleep my first go around (2008)
not to mention jaw clenching and teeth grinding.
Then I realized I cannot change the world by myself.
I can be consistent and make a difference with everyone who crosses my path. That's all any of us can do.
I think you are doing a great job..be careful at the federal buildings...they don't allow you to display solicitation materials. On each visit I "accidently" forget one or two brochures at their little writing tables. If you leave a stack they will probably be thrown away. I have handed Ron Paul materials to people in line at the P.O. especially if I overhear them talking politics, etc.
I sneak them into the little tourist racks and tables at the coffee shop where people sometimes need a good read with their java. I stick a few inside magazines at the doctor, dentist,Chiro offices,library,laundry mat,hotels, etc.
Ahh.h.h freedom is such a fun & wonderful thing.

Freedom is Popular ~Ron Paul

Welcome :)


Glad you have found your way to Liberty.

Welcome! And congratulations on having eyes to see and ears to

hear for the first time! Take a deap breath. Your head will spin at times when you see the world as corrupt as it is. I think what works great is just going around and putting Ron Paul Super Brochures on cars or hanging them up on people's doors. You can purchase them from the link on this website or (you can print them if you have a good printer).

Welcome to the r3VOLution!!!

The truth is liberating, and with the truth on your side, how can you lose? Sleep well my friend, they seem big and bad, but it's all based on lies.

nope, no unconventional ideas here

I'm an inside-the-box kind of guy, all the way.


What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

Super Big Welcome From N.

Super Big Welcome From N. California. Saint Paul

where in NorCal ?

I'm near San Jose

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For a New supporter welcome.