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Student needs help to help RP

Hi Folks,

I'm new here and I hope you all find this appropriate. I'm a student from New Hampshire who took this year off from school to work as hard as possible on the RP campaign. The last few months in New Hampshire have been very exciting and it was a terrific experience. I was just informed that I have been selected to take part in the Youth For Ron Paul trip to Nevada on the 27th. This is an enormous opportunity in my eyes and I would really like to take par in it. However i cannot afford the airfare. Everything else is taken care of by the campaign but I simply can not swing the airfare, or whatever pocket money I may need. I'm asking for contributions from fellow RP soldiers. Or maybe you know a supporter that works for the airlines. Or maybe you know a group or a church that would be willing to reach out and help. Any and all thoughts are appreciated! My goal is $500 dollars.

Contact me at Nathanielts@yahoo.com or give me a call if you want! 603-717-1445

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