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Staggering new Blackout efforts

Look at the following websites and their coverage of Dr. Paul's undeniably incredible performance:

Yahoo - NO MENTION WHATSOEVER - hxxp://preview.tinyurl.com/YahooRPCoverage

Fox News - mentioned twice in the FOURTEENTH paragraph and a third time in the final sentence - hxxp://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/01/19/gop-debate-romney-gingrich-paul-santorum-south-carolina/

CNN - On the "Politics" page, Dr. Paul is only seen in two stories on the very bottom of the page. One story is by Dana Bash, the other story is about supporters whose amazing weather balloon advertising temporarily hindered highway traffic. - hxxp://www.cnn.com/POLITICS/

Politico - First mentioned on the THIRD PAGE and only to claim that he disappeared during the debate and had NO memorable or worthwhile lines - hxxp://www.politico.com/news/stories/0112/71708.html

Those were the first - and so far, only - sites which I have checked and they ALL are blacking out Dr. Paul. Spread this blatant bias! It is inexcusable, unethical, and impossible to ignore.

Ron Paul 2012

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Ron Paul mentioned on CNN a couple times

I just had my tv on CNN which I don't usually do. I was surprised how often Ron was mentioned today. They even had clips of the debate, (where is the money coming from?) . A majority of the time was with Mitt looking sad saying the polls say he isn't doing well. Lots of time on Newt, assertive and strong, vs obnoxious. Many people who worked with him as speaker of the house sure didn't like him. And Santorum, focused on speeches today that said, vote for me, I am the one. The pieces on Ron were not bad. They did say that the others have the money to go on, but Ron did not have the financial backing. One great clip of Ron today was him saying that MITT had the backing of banks, while he had the backing of the Army, Navy, Marines.


So they were just reporting

So they were just reporting on fox business (Cavuto) that 100 tea party leaders are endorsing Newt. Ugh.

NPR did not mention Ron Paul this morning.

If I didn't know any better I would not have realized Ron Paul was even in the debates or still campaigning.

I'm telling you people, the Conspiracy is pulling out all of the stops.

They are literally shameless (as all psychopaths are) and they know that Their butts are on the line.

That's why RP needed a WIN in Iowa.
It was also why They did everything short of assassination to see that that didn't happen.

The Virtual Conspiracy

In hindsight...

...I don't think winning Iowa would've mattered. I think the media would've ignored it, to the same degree, if not more, than they ignore Ron Paul now.

I think the campaign remains what it has been about for four years now - keep plugging, keep putting the message out there, keep waking as many people up as possible, and hope a tipping point lurks around the corner.

Or at least in our lifetime.

FOX just showed a Ron Paul speaking event

that was a small turnout and used it to say that Ron Paul has had a rough week in South Carolina and his turnouts are dwindling. These people are ruthless. Did they not see the crowd at the universities and virtually everywhere he goes he is flocked? This is utterly disgusting to the point a real revolution is going to be needed. These people will resort to anything to keep their power.


CBC News and Politics

Was just about to do a segment on the media black out of Ron Paul when the hosts mic went dead and it cut away to a commercial and nothing more was said about that segment,was actually pretty weird.

She got out "up next,is the media blackout against Ron Pa" then the mic went dead and cutaway,she did keep talking for about 9 secs but I can't read lips :p

Sleep, those little slices of death; Oh how I loathe them.

Add this Blackout Story from The NY Times

It notes that Romney could lose in South Carolina and cites Gingrich and Santorum as reasons; small mention of Ron Paul .


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In the AC360 CNN post-debate analysis

Ron Paul was briefly mentioned ONCE in the entire hour. On top of that the person who mentioned him was Donna Brazil! John King disgusted me last night also.

Fresno, CA

Add This Blackout Story from CBS

Ron Paul was listed as a loser and called a non factor in last nights debate

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Protest by cancelling the cable/dish

I'm not sure if this will have an impact but I still like to suggest that all the supporters whoever still have cable TV should pick a day and cancel the subscription in a mass. All should give one reason for cancelling - Media blackout of Dr.Paul.

when i was reading up some of

when i was reading up some of the news reviews of the debate, they were all disgusting in their utter lack of mentioning Dr Paul. When they did, it was to quote him on his jokes about not getting attention, which while funny in the debates, when printed, just made him sound whiney.

This was both from politico and CNN.

It stirred me up enough to want to suggest to the DP to redo the "ron paul" black-this-out campaign all over again.

Pac please make a video attacking the bias media

The true enemy of RP is the media.

Lets create a video and show the bias bastards for who they are.

Lets show how they piss and moan about the debt, jobs, wars, etc etc etc, and the whole time they are deceptive about it all.

They do a black out of the only true stateman who can solve our problems and they lie about him.

Maybe its time we hit them in the mouth with there own fing lies.

I noticed one thing Newt did last night he made the best defense and offense and attacked there sorry asses and he got a standing ovation.

I want some standing ovations for true leader of freedom in this country, take the F ing back to them just like Newt did, if thought he was being treated badly he should be in RP shoes.

WTF do we have to loose Nothing not a damn thing.

Lets fight some fire with fire.

Hit them bastards straight in there lieing ass mouths.

show some old clips of Cavuto, Brett, Bill, Megan, Wolf, ETC ETC ETC, bitching about how bad it is. They show there is a man that can fix it and they black him out.

Time to get MAD AS HELL FOLKS.

I donate everytime there is a money bomb and for what its worth I would like to see my monies get MAD AS HELL also.

One thing this campaign is not lacking is computer talent. Time to do some damage to the ones who are RP biggest enemy.


A agree we have nothing to lose. Ad is a must IMO, and it must be a real smack down done with style, taste and precision. Lots of graphs, numbers, and percentages. Ron's humor and dignity. Juxtaposition of blackouts and his rising popularity. Clips of the attacks juxtaposed against RPs most powerful moments. PBS and NPR bulls*it, all major networks bulls*it, O'Reilly and the other character assassins...

Ron Paul or nothing.

Nothing comes to those who wait.

Add to this C-SPAN

Their 'Ron Paul at Southern Republican Leadership Conference' video is 'temporarily unavailable'.

Meanwhile, their Santorum video is working just fine!

Propaganda STRATEGY:

"time for Santorum and Paul to step aside"; and let the "top tier" have at it...(and Gingrich will of course get behind the nominee at the appointed time)

Our STRATEGY: keep money-bombing Ron Paul until Gingrich and Santorum step aside - so the REAL conservative will finally be allowed to advance/expand on his God-given principles, founding father wisdom and leadership by experience and EXAMPLE!!!

Insolvency, not radical Islam, is what this election is all about - and BIG SPENDING Republicans since Ronald Reagan are equally to blame for our CURRENT(not future/looming) European welfare state!!!

Goodbye you three - take a hike you charlatans - goodbye!!!

and were not even talking about

how they utterly ignore FOUR senators endorsing him


I think the MSM realized they messed up when they had plants at the other debate boo Dr. Paul, as it was all over the news the next day, giving him tons of coverage, which we all know is BAD for them. So they went back to the marginalization tactic.

One of the things

which makes this issue so obvious is the fact America has always been about the underdog, the human interest story but instead we are witnessing blackout. The very fact we have this older statesman who has made it to the forefront despite all the road blocks is an incredible story which in any other situation would be capturing the hearts and minds of the people and it most likely is but due to the media's part in the scam we just don't hear about it. Most Americans still don't realize we are being made chumps of by the media and those who own it.

Someone posted a video clip of an MSNBC show the other day, the panel consisted of people like Brzezenski's daughter, Alan Greenspan's wife and Chris Dodd. MSNBC was one of the recipients of the bailout money, we are being forced through the bailout to pay for America to be lied to.

ecorob's picture


you have identified the traitorous enemies of America

now, what are we, the people prepared to do about it?

Ron Paul

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I'm afraid Google is just as bad now

I don't know if they're giving preference to mainstream media propaganda or what, but they don't even have a featured link to Ron Paul in Top News when they have one for Rick Perry:

Google News is Disappointing

This is an ongoing bias, every time I check. At a minimum they are merely parroting the mainstream media. But you would think with their supposed search capabilities their news results would better reflect Ron Paul on the Internet.

Google has been bought out, in both shares and philosophy.

When counterfeiting is allowed, counterfeiters end up owning everything.

SHEESH~~~I just feel we Americans are being backed into a corner

All we want is a decent CHOICE for President, is THAT too much to ask? Yet, we have such pagan corruption at every turn, whether it's the Media, or corrupt D.C. politicians spouting off like McCain, or power-money elites juicing Romney's campaign up, but I do find the worst culprit used is BIG MEDIA which I think we all find totally repulsive!

PRINT MEDIA follows right along with CABLE & REGULAR TV MEDIA. The POWERFUL MAFIA ELITES really have a chokehold on our country, and that is what makes me sick, really sick.

We REALLY need somebody who is a billionaire to help this revolution,somebody who isn't corrupt by his monetary successes. I just don't know who that would be, since most fit the biblical phrase of "it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven!"



Google is in the bag for

Google is in the bag for Obama.


posted on Twitter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The State column report survey at the bottom

I voted in the survey located at the bottom left of the article. Who do you think will be the nominee.

I voted for Ron Paul and then it showed me the results which were astounding!

Ron Paul 89%

Mitt Romney held a close second with get this 9% LOL

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

I noticed that......

when RP picked up the endorsement of those 3 Senators not one single major media reported it. I was aghast.

I'm afraid

That they are trying to make Newt a front runner like MacCain in 2008. He is in front by 1 point in SC polls right now.
I don't like Romney, but I really fucking hate Gingrich.

I'm with you

I don't like Romney, but Newt is evil, dude. I think Romney is just a big gov't politician who will do whatever to stay in power. Newt has an agenda and I'm scared.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty


My father is an establishment Republican war hawk in his elderly years, and made the comment last night that he might even vote Obama if Gingrich is nominated. This is a man who has never voted for a Democrat in his life so I was very surprised by his comment.
He doesn't go to church but is a moral person, and doesn't like Gingrich's messy personal problems. However he use to dislike Romney very much basically calling him a R.I.N.O. but now says he would vote for him if nominated.
Older people do not want to support someone with such a mess of life like Gingrich it shows a lack of moral character they want in a candidate. He was very surprised when I told him how the crowd reacted to Gingrich's answer on his infidelity last night.
Just thought you would like an insight into the mind of a establishment Republican on Gingrich.