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Idea For Campaign Commerical

The title for this commerical is "He Told You So."

Commerical Opens with several quick cut scenes from stock news footage:
1. US Troops battling house to house in an Arab country
2. Lines of cars at gas pumps, signs with "$18 a gallon" and "No gas"
3. President Obama making grave pronouncement at a podium
4. House and Senate in session
5. Consumers waiting in lines at Banks
6. Unemployment lines
7. Scene similar to the famous pix from Weimar Germany, people takign wheelbarrow full of cash to buy a loaf of bread
8. Scenes of police or US troops herding what could be US citizens into jails or detention camps or some other visual that shows they are being "rounded up"

Fade to black

Cut to what appears to be a typical network newscast reporting on a debate that was held the night before. Anchor states, "And in our lead story, GOP presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky ignited fireworks at last night's 2016 Republican primary debate, admonishing his colleagues on the stage and the Republican establishment in his opening statement which can be summed up in four words, 'He told you so.'"

Cut to TV clips of the GOP 2016 debates. Cut in short clips of typical moderators and debate backdrops. Clips include Santorum and Perry and Bachman walking onto the stage as if it were just starting.

Hard cut to RAND PAUL at one of the podiums.

"Thank you people of (place).

"Four years ago, my father Ron Paul stood at this very spot on this very stage.

"He spoke passionately to his fellow candidates and to you, the voters of (place) and to all American voters.

"He told you we must end the endless wars.

"He told you we must bring the troops home.

"He echoed Thomas Jefferson's words, he told you we must engage other nations with diplomacy, friendship and commerce, not bombs.

"He echoed Dwight Eisenhower's words, he told to you beware of the Military Industrial Complex.

"He told you about endless spending,endless borrowing, endless bailouts, and endless corruption would bring down our once powerful economy.

"He told you that when people have their life savings destroyed by the endless boom and bust caused by bad fiscal and monetary policy, they can get very angry and do things they didn't think they would ever have to do.

"He told you that one day, after they came for the man in the next town, then the man in the next street, then the man next door, that one day, they would come after you.

"Tonight I stand here, where he stood, and with the heavy heart of someone who realizes this could have ALL been avoided, I say to you....

"He told you so."

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