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Curtail voter fraud in Pennsylvania - urge these 3 Senators to stop blocking reform

Let's make sure Ron Paul and other Constitutionalists are not cheated out of their election results this year.

HB 934 Pennsylvania Election Reform - IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUEST

Pennsylvania is a key swing state where credible reports of election fraud are commonplace in Philadelphia as well as in some smaller urban centers such as Clairton in Southwestern PA, Peters Twp. in Washington County, Montgomery County, Chester County and Erie County to name but a few.

Prompt passage of Pennsylvania House Bill 934 (Printer's Number 2873) will help to provide more honest elections in Pennsylvania.

HB 934 passed the House and a good amendment was added in the Senate State Government Committee, but establishment Leadership has stalled the bill in Senate Appropriations Committee.

This bill has a provision to permit a trial run in the Primary election and must be passed promptly.


It is essential that freedom lovers make frequent inquiries into prompt Pennsylvania Senate passage of House Bill 934 (Printer's Number 2873) without additional amendment. Phone and fax inquiries are much more
productive than email inquiries.

These are the establishment leaders who are stalling this important election reform legislation:

Sen. Dominic Pileggi
(717) 787-4712
(610) 358-5183
Fax (717) 783-7490

Sen. Joseph B. Scarnati III
(717) 787-7084
(814) 726-7201
Fax (717) 772-2755

Sen. Jake Corman
(717) 787-1377
(814) 355-0477
Fax (717) 772-3146