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Ron Paul Baseball Cards - Send Idea To Campaign or REVPAC?

I thought this one could be kind of fun and get some headlines. What’s more American than baseball?


I think Revolution Pac, or whoever for that matter, should put out a pack of Presidential Candidates baseball cards with important political stats on the back (obviously the pictures of Ron in this Astros uniform on the front). You could have stats like: Votes to raise taxes – 0. Votes for an unbalanced budget – 0. You get the picture. Anyways, I just thought it was a good idea, and I just sent this to REVPAC (but not sure it got through).

I just thought it could be another fun thing to do. Also, putting the opponent's records on the back would be pretty great too... can you imagine what statistics you could put on OBAMA's card?????? Whoa...

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Great idea!

I like it alot!


This was my first post ever... I've been doing everything I can personally for Ron Paul, but I've never really been involved in any meet up groups or supporter sites (like this one). Does anyone on this site have any connections to one of the SuperPacs that are supporting Paul at this point? I think mass distribution of something like this could really catch on and could be a fun way of getting out the information on the competition's poor records as conservatives (and possibly as individuals if they want to go there). Marital Stats on the back would be, if nothing else, extremely amusing.